Missourian Rep. Ike Skelton, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee,
has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Skelton is one of those average, lunch bucket
Democrats, who live in the rural midwest. He’s also a national security leader, another one on Clinton’s side.

But if you’re wondering why Obama stepped up today to “divorce” Rev.
Wright, as I said on my radio show, somebody got some polling numbers, which
inspired Obama’s outrage. Again, whether it’s outrage over Wright’s Rehabilitation and Retribution Tour,
the indignity of being thrown under the bus by Wright, and the fact Obama had to
address the issue again, or the fact that he’s tired of being tarred with his
own bad judgment, it’s politics, stupid.

It’s also what polling the issue likely revealed:

I got some more information about that call.

It was a live call last night around 7 p.m., not a robocall. The woman on
the phone identified herself as with a polling firm of some sort, but did
not indicate that she was working at the behest of either campaign.

The call was 6 or 7 minutes long and started with “Are you a registered

After that question, the caller asked, “How closely have you been following
the Rev. Wright story,” to which the voter could answer “Very closely,”
“Somewhat Closely,” and “Not Closely at all.”

The next question was, “How has your view of Obama been affected by
this story,” to which the voter could answer along the lines of, “It’s
the same,” “It’s somewhat more negative,” “It’s somewhat
more positive.”

The caller read two statements from Hillary and Obama from the trail and
asked which the voter agreed with.

The last question was, “Are you leaning toward voting for Obama or Hillary
on Tuesday.”

Lots happening today. Open thread.

UPDATE: Both Clinton and Obama camps have denied they’re polling Wright. Media polling? Likely, but no doubt Obama saw the closing of Clinton in North Carolina, which is the same state that’s hitting Obama and local Dems on Rev. Wright.