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Why Democrats Lose Elections

Howard Dean is correct. He’s not afraid of letting Americans vote. He also is smart enough to know the passion of the supporters involved. But there is something else afoot. If the elite DC Dems keep trying to push Clinton from this race, Hillary’s supporters will sit the November election out or worse, protest the party’s actions by voting for John McCain.

Enter Senator Patrick Leahy, someone who is making the situation worse. What
a wimp.
Statements like what he made today are also only going to harden Hillary supporters against Obama.

No wonder the Democratic Congress can’t manage a real PR campaign to get us out
of Iraq.

There’s only one reason Barack Obama and supporters like Leahy are standing in the way of counting all the votes, including Florida and Michigan. Segue to a post by Marc Ambinder:

The hyperintelligent Jay Cost at RearClearPolitics has produced for us a
most helpful spreadsheet
computing the various popular vote scenarios.

But this paragraph, is, to me, a very crucial point that both Clinton and
Obama campaigns would
rather ignore

We have a large number of unknown factors. For many of them, we have very
little idea what values they will ultimately take. What we do know is that
small changes in several of them could induce large changes in the vote
count. This makes it extremely difficult to be as precise as many commentators
have been. We need to be wary of all the uncertainty we face here.
So — my fairly conservative calculation has Clinton netting about 446,000
votes between now and June 3. Under all scenarios that exclude Florida and
Michigan votes — and count the votes of Washington’s primary — Obama still
retains a popular vote lead of not more than 330,000 — or an advantage
of less than one and a half percent.

Under a scenario that includes the Florida and Michigan votes for
Clinton, gives Obama all of the uncommitted Michigan votes, estimates the
votes for all the caucus states and includes the Washington primary, Clinton
wins by about 16,000 votes — or about a tenth of one percent.


But what do we get from Obama and his team? Give up.


This is just too nasty.

Stop the debate.

No more voting!

End the “infighting,” also known by people with actual spine as debate.

Democrats like Leahy, Ed Schultz and the like are so dumb they actually believe
that if everyone shuts up McCain and the Republicans won’t figure out how to
beat Obama up side the head with ads. What’s wrong with these guys? Have they
been under a rock for the last 20 years. They sure sound like it.

To be blunt, Senator Patrick Leahy is exhibit A on why Democrats lose presidential
elections. Some of these elite DC Democrats just don’t know how to fight. It’s
the reason Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leder Reid find themselves beat on the
PR campaign on Iraq at every turn. Bush has cleaned their clock.

Let’s face it. Some of these elite party officials just don’t know how to fight.
Leahy, Kerry, who I’ve fought hard for but who wouldn’t go to the mat in Ohio,
with Obama agreeing with him back then, all represent the Don’t Fight For Every Vote wing of
the Democratic party. They’re all afraid of letting the girl in the race get
her votes and fight until someone wins. Tom Daschle? Puh-leaze. What’s
scaring these boys?

Bill Clinton fought off the entire wingnut arsenal in the 1990s. The Obama contingent, led by Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Obama elites, would have egged him on to resign. But WJC knows how to fight. As for Hillary, she’s
revealed the same grit and then some over the years.

Gore, as usual, gets it right

“What have we got, five months left?” Gore told the Associated
Press after delivering a speech at Middle Tennessee State University. “I
think it’s going to resolve itself, but we’ll see,” he added.

Again, no Clinton supporter believes this will be easy; every person I hear
from day in and day out are fighting their hardest for Hillary and know the
odds. It’s up hill, especially since Obama won’t let Michigan and Florida be
counted. What they don’t need is the Boyz Club of Elite Dems, following behind Nancy Pelosi, of the Always Losing
Democratic wing of the party telling Hillary Clinton to drop out. Pelosi had a mandate and couldn’t even mount a PR campaign to get us out of Iraq. When someone
gets to 2025 this race is over. Until then, buckle up, baby, and enjoy the ride.

This is quite simply the best
political season of our lives.

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