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I can hear it now if Clinton wins in Texas, Rush did it! Never mind the Dick Morris strategy that was unloaded weeks ago. The wingnuts are obviously in a tizzy, bored to death with their own candidate.

Oh, and finally, I'm off the hook. Everyone writing me emails that I'm behind Hillaryis44 can stop now, right?

The post of the day is provided by Molly Ivors at WhiskeyFire. Here's a teaser:

I would like to tell you a story about a woman, one which may, perhaps, be instructive to some of the "get out of the way, grandma; you're blocking progress" folks out there. ... ..

Oh, and about that Clinton media bias, Jonathan Alter opines (corrected attribution):

Alter did say he thought Clinton was sometimes treated unfairly because she is a woman, but hedged even on that, saying, "It's hard to disaggregate her Clinton-ness from her gender."

It's a world full of schmucks.

Lots to talk about.

Hope you can join me.