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I can hear it now if Clinton wins in Texas, Rush did it! Never mind the Dick Morris strategy that was unloaded weeks ago. The wingnuts are obviously in a tizzy, bored to death with their own candidate.

Oh, and finally, I’m
off the hook
. Everyone writing me emails that I’m behind Hillaryis44 can
stop now, right?

The post of the day is provided by Molly
Ivors at WhiskeyFire
. Here’s a teaser:

I would like to tell you a story about a woman, one which may, perhaps, be
instructive to some of the “get out of the way, grandma; you’re blocking
progress” folks out there. … ..

Oh, and about that Clinton media bias, Jonathan Alter opines (corrected attribution):

Alter did say he thought Clinton was sometimes treated unfairly because she
is a woman, but hedged even on that, saying, “It’s hard to disaggregate
her Clinton-ness from her gender.”

It’s a world full of schmucks.

Lots to talk about.

Hope you can join me.