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Oversampling of NBC-WSJ Poll

Good to know. The Wall
Street Journal
, talking about a new poll (pdf) they did in partnership with NBC,
runs an article this morning that claims a “myth-buster” on Wright’s
effect on Obama, without letting the readers know that they oversampled.

In addition, we oversampled African-Americans in order to
get a more reliable cross-tab on many of the questions we asked in this poll
regarding Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on race and overall response to last
week’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright dustup. – MSNBC
First Read

Maybe they should also have included this important nugget from
the AP

Yet people familiar with Obama’s remarks were about evenly split between
those who said they felt reassured about his feelings on race, and those who
said they still had doubts. Slightly more said Obama has said enough about
race than said he needs to address it further.

In all instances, whites were more dubious than blacks about whether Obama
had handled the issue successfully. Democrats were far more supportive than
Republicans, while independents were likelier to be divided.

Blacks have solidly supported Obama in the Democratic presidential contest,
while whites have tilted toward Clinton. … ..

And why are they asking Republicans anything about a Democratic primary?

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