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Obama Won’t Get Clinton’s Voters

to the clueless
, polarization is here.

Barack Obama was so sure. He even said it out loud. Clinton voters were a slam
dunk for him. I knew he was in for it the moment the words slipped his mouth.
Now the polls are showing what I’ve been writing about for weeks. The first
to do so, let me add. Clinton supporters, taking myself out of the equation
but going by emails and comments, are dug in against voting for Obama. Now a
new poll puts yet another number on it, besides what we recently learned from

But only 59% of Democratic voters who support Clinton say they would vote
for Obama against McCain, while 28% say they would vote for the Republican
McCain. This suggests that some Clinton supporters are so strongly opposed
to Obama (or so loyal to Clinton) that they would go so far as to vote for
the “other” party’s candidate next November if Obama is the Democratic

McCain vs. Obama, 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain

Reverend Wright made it worse, but not because of race. It’s about anti-American

The video above, which is making the rounds everywhere, doesn’t help. No one
believes Michelle Obama is “anti-American.” But what comes across
time and again, emphasized by Rev. Wright’s greatest hatred hits, is divisiveness we don’t need, especially looking at the general election.
If nothing else it’s fodder for the wingnuts. But it also rankles many Democrats.

Elite Democrats, you know like the one talking about “Tonya Harding”
tactics, also don’t get how Wright’s speech hits “lunch bucket” Democrats. That’s
because party elders are part of a crowd that don’t even understand that not
counting every vote is a problem. Otherwise they’d make sure Michigan and Florida
were counted. Not because of Clinton, because it’s the right thing to do. But
hopelessly out of touch, the DC
Dem elites are more interested in shutting down the primary season
they’re too uncomfortable with the fight.

Today BTD
talks about a moment when the campaign turned negative. He mentions one point
in time. I was at the center of that storm. The blog post I did after the debate
in October marked that tipping point: Russert
Leads The Boys in All Out Clinton Assault
. It went down hill from there,
with the Obama campaign adding fuel to the fire, which recently got a lot worse.

At the center of the storm is Reverend Wright and Senator Obama’s refusal to
cut ties with someone so divisive. This is not going away and DC elites talking about shutting down the
primary season, while not dealing with Michigan and Florida, are only going
to make matters worse.


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