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Joe Scarborough Clocks Elitist Snob from Newsweek

Richard Wolffe is so impressed with himself. Seriously, have you watched this
guy? Few people I talk to can figure out why anyone is asking his opinion on
anything. This is why it was so utterly delicious when “Morning Joe”
took this elitist snob to the cleaners yesterday on “Race for
the White House.” It’s about 5:30 into the video above.

Putting it bluntly, Wolffe is basically an Obama fluffer, though no one would
ever ask these self-important talking heads to actually declare the candidate
they prefer. Instead, people like Wolffe are allowed to pontificate ad nauseam,
without ever adding anything of value, just so the network doesn’t have to show
blank air space, though in Wolffe’s case that would be decidedly preferable.

However, yesterday Joe Scarborough took him out. “We” is what got
Wolffe in trouble, as if the media has any place whatsoever in choosing our nominee. Scarborough let rip.
At the end of the tape above you can almost see Wolffe purse up like he bit into
a juicy ripe lemon. He carried the sting throughout the show, because Regular
Joe dared to interrupt the Newsweek rambler in yet another one of his
self-important blathering that always ends without saying anything new. The
reality is that Scarborough is quite a bit more in touch with actual voters,
having had to actually talk to average people. While Wolffe obviously has an
undisclosed disdain for all things “lunch bucket,” or anything whatsoever
having to do with sweating for a living, unless it’s under lights, with the
spotlight his obvious addiction.

By the way, in case you’re not watching “Morning Joe,” Scarborough
declared his “love” for Hillary Clinton this week. Not because he’s
a Democrat, but because he admires her “toughness.” He’ll criticize her when she deserves it, but gives her credit when it’s due, which is all that you can ask. It’s on Joe’s
show, while he was out, that Mika Brzezinski also took out Chris Matthews when
he got very arrogant when she dared to ask if he was endorsing Obama. This happened
after Matthews went on and on with such political puffery on Barack, though it’s not known if Matthews got another thrill down his leg, so that even
I wanted to shower. Matthews then insulted Brzezinski, talking down to her as if she
was hired help, once again revealing his machismo arrogance. It was yet another rude
display by the “Hardball” host, who obviously is under the delusion
that he’s the Brad Pitt of politics.

You won’t agree with everything that happens
on “Morning Joe,” but it is the show to watch right now. Part of it is that Joe Scarborough doesn’t think of himself as above
us mere mortals. He also understands, even if he doesn’t agree with our politics
one bit, the blue collar heart and soul of Clinton’s main supporters. The rest
of the elitists who are represented by Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Richard Wolffe don’t have a clue. That’s why seeing Joe slap Wolffe around on David Gregory’s new show was such a delight, because it looked as if Wolffe had never experienced it before, though no one should be under the illusion that anything can humble this man.

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