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What Will Gay and Lesbians Get for Their Obama Cash?

What Will Gay and Lesbians Get for Their Obama Cash?

Boy do politicians love the cash that comes in from the gay and lesbian community. But supporting their issues and the people who stand up for them is another matter, especially for Mr. Obama it seems.

Susan over at NoQuarter posted on this earlier today and has details. I got several emails with attachments on this ad yesterday, but frankly, we can no longer afford to open attachments from people we don’t know. The ad, which evidently has gone viral, and this story speak volumes:

Seeing Mayor Gavin Newsom on the national stage with former president Bill Clinton on Monday night is a reminder of how political winds can change. On the eve of the biggest night of the presidential primaries, Newsom shared the spotlight during a town hall meeting staged and broadcast on cable TV and satellite radio by the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign.

But just four years ago, current Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is said to have declined to have his picture taken in San Francisco with Newsom, who was then at the center of a national uproar over his decision to allow same-sex marriage in San Francisco.

“I gave a fundraiser, at his (Obama’s) request at the Waterfront restaurant,” said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. “And he said to me, he would really appreciate it if he didn’t get his photo taken with my mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin.” …

Clinton’s support for gays and lesbians is real, no caveats, no picture ducking.

However, I must say that these unending stories of Obama’s hypocrisy is enough to make the most stalwart Democrat weary. Obama not being willing to have his picture taken with Newsom is as small as it comes, though this story has been around for years. Let me also be blunt about this. Some in the African American community, especially in the faith based part of that community, have shown a real penchant for homophobia. Obama’s embrace of people like Donnie McClurkin is another example that when juxtaposed against not wanting to shake Newsom’s hand, really makes you wonder about Obama’s sincerity on reach out, let alone his claim to be able to unite us all. Any Democratic party nominee has the right to disagree with Newsom’s tactics regarding gay marriage ceremonies in direct conflict with the law.

Advocacy for people who are fighting for equality is what you do when people who disagree with you are watching and it counts. So to be afraid to have your picture taken with a strong Democratic supporter of gays and lesbians like Newsom is just cowardly, especially if you truly believe in civil rights for gays and lesbians. It’s also contradictory to Obama’s message of being a uniter. Hey, but why quibble at this point. I don’t blame some for wondering about Obama’s commitment to gay and lesbian rights. It’s another example of presenting one picture in public, while in private trying to duck people closely associated with anti-discrimination against an entire community that is still fighting for their equality. It’s certainly not leadership

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