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h/t Ben Smith

If you’ve seen “Bull Durham” you know what I’m talking about.

Obama hits the big leagues tonight. This is a
preview of general election attractions
. (I wrote about the phony flag pin story when it first surfaced.) Obviously, the wingnuts are restless. They’ve got their nominee and they’re reading for a fight. John Cole does his best, but they’ve got their teeth on something and they’re not letting go.

Yeah, we’re in a post-partisan era alright.

Look, in the sky, it’s a pig!


During the half-hour conversation, she said that when she hears Obama’s oratory about a more civil politics, she wonder what fights he would avoid. “You never hear the specifics,” Clinton said. “It’s all this kind of abstract, general talk about how we all need to get along. I want to get along, and I have gotten along, in the Senate. I will work with Republicans to find common cause whenever I can. But I will also stand my ground because there are fights worth having.”

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