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Tom Brokaw Plays Babysitter to MSNBC Pundits

All you have to do is listen to their speeches. Clinton congratulated Obama.
He took a swipe at her. She lifted her language, even adding flourishes for the
first time. He rambled on in a meandering, list smacking talk that went nowhere.
MSNBC sucked it up with a straw.

Dan Abrams does regular duty on most nights after “Countdown.” But on Super Tuesday, it took a veteran to offer reality. Tom
said it yet again last night.

Before Super Tuesday, gushing pundits predicted that the Kennedy family endorsements
would, at a minimum, deliver Massachusetts. Didn’t happen. Feverish
news reports of rising momentum for Obama led to hints that Obama could win
New Jersey. Didn’t happen.

And, oh yeah, California’s returns were supposed to keep us up all
night because the “force of nature” that is Obama had erased Clinton’s
lead in the state. Oops, it turned out that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s
lead was so substantial that the networks could call the state for her just
after midnight. … ..

… .. “Once again,” Brokaw said on MSNBC as Clinton’s
early California win was announced, “in all of our conventional and
collective wisdom, we were wrong.”

Brokaw consistently plays the babysitter on the MSNBC set, wrangling Olbermann,
Robinson, Scarborough, Maddow, and Matthews back into reality when you’d think
after all this time they’d have learned by now.

Greg Sargent takes
down Robinson
, with a little left over for Mr. Broder:

EUGENE ROBINSON: Hillary Clinton emerges from this evening on her own, basically.
because having Bill Clinton at her side is not working.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It’s really hurting her.

ROBINSON: It’s hurting her. I think this will end up — this evening
will end up being a repudiation of Bill Clinton.

Robinson is a main Clinton hater, though MSNBC had a full rosters of Obama
spinners on hand last night. You know, to report the rout in New Jersey, California
and Massachusetts.

These people need a babysitter. Brokaw provided it last night once again. You’d think they’d have a humiliation hangover today. But many of the MSNBC pundits simply have no shame.

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