The news media was all over Bill Clinton yesterday. Sean Hannity made a fool
of himself on "Hannity & Colmes" by giving the guy an interview.
Anything to humiliate the Clintons. Too bad it was all a stunt by an Obama supporter.
No doubt they’ll report on that part too, right?

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in the link


Five people said that, after the speech, Holeman shoved and threatened
people to get to Clinton. David Westrich, 40, of Akron, said Holeman pushed
people into his mother’s wheelchair. Holeman denies pushing or threatening
anyone and said people tried to prevent him from moving to the front, including
a man he says challenged him to a fight outside.
… ..

"I heard on the news that President Clinton hit this man. He didn’t,"
said Andrea Burns, of Canton, who was angry that the confrontation was taking
up time where Clinton could have talked to her and others.

Andrew Hayes, 30, of Canton, said Holeman shoved him and his wife out of
the way. He said it made him feel sick that Hannity wanted to interview Holeman.

"He starts talking real aggressively to President Clinton. … he’s
like shouting at him. … President Clinton obviously got a little upset with
him. … I said to the guy … ‘you’re ruining this for everyone.’ "

Feemster’s brother, Rick Feemster, 56, of Canton, who was right next
to Clinton, said Holeman rudely accused Clinton of being rude to Obama in
South Carolina. He said Clinton challenged him to cite examples, and Holeman
could not.

"Former President Clinton was very professional," said
Rick Feemster. "He didn’t raise his voice to the guy. … President Clinton
kept his cool through the whole thing."

Holeman said he’s not registered to vote because he doesn’t want to make
his address public and indicated that he’s concerned about his safety. He
said he was the victim of racist assaults repeatedly when he was a student
at several college campuses in the 1980s.

After his interview with The Repository, Holeman, who denied he’s
seeking attention, ran into a woman he knew.

"Did you see me in the paper? I’m in the paper!" he said.

In the end, it was all about the heckler. But the hacks at Fox and MSNBC made
it all about Bill Clinton. Our "liberal" media in action.