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Obama’s Unhinged Fans Reveal a Dangerous Zealotry

Obama’s Unhinged Fans Reveal a Dangerous Zealotry bumped

The comments around here are getting attention. Note to the few uninformed emailing
me: I don’t control the speech of others. All I can do is keep the Obama flame throwers out who took down my comment section, and eject them from my
junk mail folder regularly and often. Let me also add that many of the new people
who found my site have been driven away from some of the biggest progressive
blogs on the web, because their commenters wouldn’t allow them to speak, or the proprietors don’t let them in. That’s what has happened to Obamabots who try to post here, because they simply cannot control their vitriol, and I don’t have time to babysit them. Many Hillary supporters are ticked off at being maligned and censored just because they back Clinton. They
have every right to feel that way. As for the conversation in comment sections across the web that Obama’s campaign
is a “cult,” well, many of us who are watching what is happening are worried. We’re not in small numbers. We’re nominating a president, not a motivational preacher, Elmer Gantry, or L. Ron Hubbard replacement. Read this article about “Obama basic training,” which revolves around anything but issues, and you’ll see why many of us recoil. That ignoring issues for personal stories is done by design makes it even more frightening. It’s the reason headlines are starting to pop up everywhere that are making matters worse, which should concern all Democrats: “Obama Claims the (Thorny) Crown.” Can “Obama Camp” be far behind?

But the real problem is that with all of Barack Obama’s hope propaganda, the preaching and the “yes we can” mania, what many of us on the other side have had to fight off is invective so vile it requires obscenity disclaimers to share. The more involved you are the more intense the hatred on all levels. May the gods protect you if you’re a woman. Nothing can if you’re also someone who supports Hillary Clinton. Dare you dissect Obama’s lack of policy specifics, or catch people in the act of lying or in the act of projecting Clinton unfairly and negatively, because then you’re credibility is questioned, or you are called a “liar,” “a witch,” a “racist,” which is a favorite of Obamabots, or worse, usually much, much worse. So let’s just say some of these experiences hardly comport with the press releases of Mr. Hope, or the deification currently under way of him by his unhinged, out of control, thin skinned supporters. It’s all Clinton’s fault, yes, I know the drill.

Eric Jong found out the hard way what happens when you write positive things
about Clinton after her reasoned op-ed.

Ever since I wrote an article in the Washington Post ten days ago,
I’ve been getting love letters from women and super-smart men and brickbats
from the Hillary-Haters. Unfortunately the Hillary-Haters are in charge. They
monopolize the networks, the newspapers, the talk shows — both radio and
TV. They are crossing their legs for fear of castration. They are wearing
the body armor our troops never got. Or got too late to matter. They are determined
that a woman will not prove herself competent as Commander in Chief.

What’s their ammunition? Oh, it’s simple. They call her Mrs. Clinton, not
Ms. or Senator. They pull out those nutcrackers in the shape of her supposed
thighs. They complain about her ankles — too thick. They complain on Fox
TV that “White women are the problem” — (idiot boy Kristol, the
brain-damaged scion of Irving who rose through nepotism like our unelected
“president”). Then they say she has “baggage” — which
could mean wrinkles, or her husband, or her daughter Chelsea whom they say
she is “pimping.” Then they say she never divorced Bill — as if
it’s anyone’s business. Then they moon over Obama’s rhetorical style. Then
they make it appear that she’s a drone or a worker bee and has no royal jelly.
Or else she has royal jelly and is queen bee. And that’s her problem. …

… .. Let me tell you about the Hillary-Haters who fill my inbox, they can’t
spell. They also believe in witchcraft. They believe HRC boils eye of newt
with unborn baby’s hair and little Jewish children not yet circumcised. They
think she had a child with Vince Foster (even though Chelsea looks much like
Bill and even his mother), then murdered him. They think she will leave Iraq,
not leave Iraq, give us universal health care, not give us universal health
care, sanction the killing of fetuses, not sanction the killing of fetuses,
defend Israel, not defend Israel, end the Death Tax, not end the Death tax.
… ..

Visit any article or blog post saying anything remotely fair about Clinton,
and what you’ll see in the comment section is vile attacks that not only go
over the line but are beyond the pale. Males telling me that
I should tone down my rhetoric, know my place, but most are expletive laced. This is an example of what I
regularly get, day after day, week after week, month after month over the last
almost year since I started targeting Obama’s lack of specifics and his policy
dodging. It got worse this past fall when I openly began supporting Clinton.

You f—ing crazy c—! Can’t wait to read your posts after Barack wins the
nomination, than the presidency, you racist b—-!

B—-, you are totally, like, the Ann F—ing Coulter of liberalism. I wanna
get on you so bad. My hardon is for you, my swastika is true. KEEP THAT N—–

A message I’m posting wherever I can: Taylor Marsh should be banned from
the planet. Her filthy, racist, dishonest invective has no place in a civilized
discussion. … .. If you persist, I will destroy you.

Believe me, this is nothin’, though I’m no longer personally looking at this
email myself. Mind you, this is coming from “progressive” people in the “Democratic” party, which is not to be confused with my usual wingnut hate mail that is rather amusing.

I don’t think people understand what’s going on behind the scenes in this primary
race. I’ve been on the front lines for a very long time. That I had the nerve
to question Barack Obama’s lack of specificity was one thing. That it revealed itself when he ducked out of the very first Democratic primary forum, then showed up at the very first health care forum completely clueless about health care, gave me an inkling of the story line to come and that has been playing out for months. That I took up Hillary’s charge later
on was yet another. But it really is that I won’t be led around without knowing where I’m being taken that so infuriates the Obamabots.

The supporters of Hillary Clinton can’t come close to what’s being spread by
Obama crazed fans. Anyone saying they are is uninformed, ignorant or not closely
enough involved to know what’s actually happening. I am. You’re wrong.

The rhetorical assaults are one thing, the threats another, though we’re prepared for that as well. But what these people say about the zealotry behind the Obama campaign is not only alarming, but dangerous to our democracy. It is akin to emails I’ve received over the years from the anti-abortionist zealots on their own personal political war path. The insanely reactive, accept no compromise, unhinged religious fervor of a movement that was not only destructive to women, but to our politics. It is the same unbending group think that leads people off cliffs. That’s what I’m getting from Obama fans. It’s something that is unhealthy, even destructive to the Democratic party. Not for nothin’, but Rush Limbaugh is picking up on it too. Beware, the backlash is coming. I’m not going to be anywhere near it when it hits.

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