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Name One Accomplishment

It doesn’t get more brutal than this.

When asked to name one accomplishment of Barack Obama, supporters ready to
vote for him sat in stunned silence, mute, unable to come up with anything.
It says it all.

But some will remain in their word hope swoon. Eugene Robinson comes to mind. He proves the statistic
Dan Abrams offered last night on his show, which illustrated that 75% of Bill
Clinton’s press coverage has been negative. Mr. Robinson adds to it today, once
again proving that he’s another traditional media man who’s not only obsessed
with Bill, but has the deep imbedded Hillary hatred we’re likely to see on news
outlets later today.

… .. Democrats are generally amenable to Bill Clinton’s return, as they
were four months ago. Republicans, unsurprisingly, are increasingly opposed.
But the most significant change of opinion since October came among independents,
whose view has flipped from positive to negative — a finding that all but
screams to the eventual Republican nominee: “Push this button. Hard.”
… ..

Baggage Hillary Bears

Clinton’s no doubt got bagged. It’s the media. It’s people like Robinson, as
well as Margaret Carlson, who don’t want the Clinton’s back in Washington. Like
many other pundits, they write their columns then go on news shows in the guise
of offering “unbiased” analysis, then regurgitate swill and drivel against all things
Hillary that even Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” is presenting. At least Dan Abrams calls out his guests and asks if they’re backing a candidate. Olbermann never does, something that is clearly wrong, if not unethical. It’s not hatred. It’s down right dishonesty, duplicity, bending the audience’s trust. On the Olbermann score, this gives me no pleasure to say. But this primary cycle, we’ve been
insulted by pundit after pundit tilting towards Obama, if not in his camp outright,
but who preen and posture as an unbiased talking head on cable shows across the spectrum. Carville and Begala got yanked for being in Clinton’s camp, but at least everyone was aware of it. Not so with Obama’s talking army that flies under the radar. That’s Clinton’s real baggage, the media duplicity and deceit, which is far more damaging than Bill could ever be. We’re likely to be treated
to it again if the delegate count is close tonight, which it well may be. Obama
will get praise, while no matter what Clinton does her efforts will be downplayed, likely even in favor of Obama. That would be fine if the pundits doing the talking were declared and everyone knew that they are pushing Obama. But that won’t happen and there will be no one for Clinton on any panel in sight. You know the drill. It’s likely Mr. Robinson will be there to chime in.

I’d like to ask Robinson to name one accomplishment of Barack Obama’s. That would be must-see tv.

UPDATE: Todd Beeton over at MyDD endorses Clinton.

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