Drudge Blows Prince Harry’s Cover updated

Prince Harry fighting in Afghanistan

blows Harry’s cover
. All that matters to Drudge is a scoop, so I’m not going
to link to him. But if a Democratic blogger or journalist did this the wingnuts
would rightfully blow the roof.

Some Republicans have no scruples at all when it comes to protecting or respecting
the military, whether it’s over there or over here. The story of Prince Harry’s duty was
embargoed, until Drudge blew it across his blog. Now it’s all over the media and CNN.

It’s un-American to out a solider like this, especially since it puts him and
the soldiers serving with him in danger. Because let’s face it, our enemies, as well as Britain’s, would love a royal trophy.

Drudge gets “Worst Person” and then some.

Kudos to the editors who had the integrity and sense of patriotism to honor the embargo.


Prince Harry is on a plane out of Afghanistan, a source told Usmagazine.com. “He has left the base and is en route to another location,” the source told Us. The 23-year-old royal has been serving there with British troops since December, it was reported today. “We will not comment on the whereabouts of Prince Harry,” a Ministry of Defense spokesperson told Us.