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All Those Emails, Keith Olbermann, and Barack ‘I’m Duckin’ Out’ Obama

All Those Keith Olbermann Emails, and Barack ‘I’m Duckin’ Out’ Obama

Obama fans Heart Keith Olbermann
(h/t reader)

Well, this is telling. We all know Obama fans will allow no criticism of their candidate, so if they’re falling all over Olbermann it must be a sign.

Is the graphic above representative of why I’m getting so many emails from you telling me
you’ve stopped watching “Countdown”?

If Obama fans find it must watch tv it really goes to evidence of why so many
of you are enraged at Olbermann’s biased primary coverage. As I’ve said before,
Keith Olbermann remains on my watch list. However, there is no doubt that much
of his coverage on Clinton and Obama has turned into cringe worthy tv. Eugene Robinson is a Clinton hater of the first order. Maybe he’s a nice guy, but for analysis he’s just plain dreadful. The other problem is that Olbermann never offers the Clinton side. The emails
in my inbox prove that many of you agree. Unlike Dan Abrams, Olbermann continually allows
Obama partisans to opine without ever declaring that they’re in his camp. MSNBC
is the worse culprit on that score, but all the cable networks are lopsided
on picking pundits. But Keith has done it time and again, including after the
last L.A. debate (minus C&L’s John Amato). I’m all for partisans. But anyone offering debate coverage
should declare themselves.

But as Keith Olbermann giveth, Obama taketh away. He’s just given Clinton a
media gift and exactly the headlines she wants. He’s refused her townhall invitation
in Maine this weekend. Now the local media has gotten a hold of it.

As former President Bill Clinton traveled to Maine to campaign on his wife’s
behalf, Senator Barack Obama turned down an offer from Senator Hillary
Clinton to join her at a town hall meeting in Orono on Saturday. … .. But
the Obama campaign turned down the offer.

Obama Turns
Down Clinton’s Debate Offer

Obama has agreed
to two debates

Obama and Clinton will face off on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Cleveland State University,
in a debated hosted by NBC News and WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland.
Although terms haven’t been settled, Obama aides said the candidates would
also meet in Texas, which votes the same day as Ohio, March 4.

However, because of Obama’s refusal on the other debates, which is getting a lot of coverage now, he just gave Clinton another
local headline
, this one in Ohio: Obama may not participate in Ohio debate.

I wonder if Keith will cover Obama’s debate ducking fetish?

Hey, but no big deal, right? He ducked out of voting on Kyl-Lieberman. Ducked out of calling a hearing on his foreign policy sub-committee, so what’s the big deal about ducking debates in the middle of the most highly contested primary in modern political history? We can all just hope he’ll have a clue what he’s doing if he’s chosen as our nominee. Sound plan.

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