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Who Is Injecting Race?

Note: This video is from Obama’s official presidential site.

“They’re trying to bamboozle you. It’s the same old okie-doke.
Y’all know about okie doke, right? … They try to bamboozle you. Hoodwink
ya. Try to hoodwink ya. Alright, I’m having too much fun here. … “

– Barack Obama

Those are the classic words of Malcolm X.

“You’ve been hoodwinked. You’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been led astray, led amok. You’ve been bamboozled.” – Malcolm X

Mind you, Barack Obama is a devout Christian, which Malcolm X was not. But why isn’t Barack Obama’s speech, which he touts on his presidential website, being used as exhibit A, not only for using words that reach out to his community, but also as an example of how he’s using race whenever he can and when it suits his needs and benefits his candidacy? Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with using all you have in your arsenal. But there is no coverage of this speech anywhere today.

It’s all about the Clintons allegedly injecting race, in a negative way, into the South Carolina primary bloodstream. The national press story is all about the white woman and her white husband going after the African American in South Carolina.

Where’s the other side of the story? The side that illustrates the African American candidate using words from a famous black leader to reach his own constituency in a more direct way; talking the language that they all know so well.

Now I’ve done it. By even mentioning this dynamic I’ll be accused of racism. The emails are likely already on their way.

So three cheers for Craig Crawford.

Through all the Chris Matthews bashing of Clinton, the media pile on, and now
the continual race baiting from the national media, Craig Crawford has stood
above the rabble. While Dick Morris and Sean Haninty race bait, as do many cable
anchors, led by the likes of Joe Scarborough, Norah O’Donnel and Mika Brzenzinski,
Crawford, virtually alone, made the case yet again today, while pushing back
against the negative Clinton onslaught, that when it comes to evidence that the Clinton’s
are injecting race into the campaign, there’s another side of the story to be told. As to evidence
of their alleged racism, it’s part of a national media story they revel in pushing, but
Crawford was having none of it today on “Morning Joe.”

Transcript via
Media Matters

CRAWFORD: You know, I have sat down here in Florida for the last month. And
I have watched the coverage, and I really think the evidence-free bias against
the Clintons in the media borders on mental illness
. I mean, I think
when Dr. Phil gets done with Britney [Spears], he ought to go to Washington
and stage an intervention at the National Press Club. I mean, we’ve
gotten into a situation where if you try to be fair to the Clintons, if you
try to be objective, if you try to say, “Well, where’s the evidence of
racism in the Clinton campaign?” you’re accused of being a naïve
shill for the Clintons. I mean, I think if somebody came out today and said
that Bill Clinton — if the town drunk in Columbia [South Carolina] came out
and said, “Bill Clinton last night was poisoning the drinking water in
Obama precincts,” the media would say, “Ah, there goes Clinton again.
You can’t trust him.” I really think it’s a problem. You know what? You
guys make him stronger with this bashing. This actually is what makes the
Clintons stronger.

Craig Crawford some love
(video of the exchange). He’s more
than earned it. But not because he’s some “naïve shill for the Clintons.”
Because he’s willing to stand up and buck the media talking points that lie
about the Clintons being the ones using race in South Carolina.

Seriously, does anyone believe the legendary civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis would
enthusiastically back a racist? It’s a joke to think so.

Almost as funny as saying that the injection of race is coming from negative attacks by the Clintons, while Barack Obama uses race when it suits his cause or might help him win.

Cheers for Craig Crawford.

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