South Carolina Debate updated liveblogging

Here we go. They’re standing tonight so it won’t be Vegas, that’s for sure. Congressional Black Caucus is a co-sponsor with CNN out of South Carolina.

Economy to Clinton: $110b, $70 to deal with crisis; moratorium on foreclosures; interest rate freeze for 5 years; $650 for energy in rebate, after qualifying; put money into green collar jobs. Clinton then targets Bush; that’s her adversary. Economic justice here; MLK holiday and than

Economy to Obama: Begins on March on Washington by MLK. Bush is his target: skewed taxes to wealthy; bad war that should never been waged — applause here; stimulus here. Recently Clinton caught up with me, so an attack begins right at Clinton. $500 rebate.

Economy to Edwards: His plan does not have a rebate. He then said he was proud to be there. MLK & poverty; gulf between rich and poor. Goes after Bush. Ending poverty is the cause of his life. Separating himself out from Clinton & Obama. Peru trade deal he was against. Long-long answer with “home rescue” fund.

Green jobs too, says Obama. European markets dropped 5%. “Could be” sliding into an “extraordinary recession.”

8:18 p.m.: Hillary goes wonk on economy. Insert scary smart here. Wolf can’t get a word in edge wise. They’re going to regret not having a buzzer.

8:20: Edwards goes after Obama on Peru trade deal. “I wouldn’t trust George Bush to enforce anything.” – Edwards

8:21: “Keep in mind it will be in a year who’ll be enforcing them.” – Obama … … applause. Obama goes after Bill Clinton.

8:24: “Your record does matter.” – Clinton

REAGAN SMACKDOWN COMING… Obama puts his hand up. … ..

8:25: Clinton goes after Obama on Iraq; you did oppose the war and gave a great speech; took the speech off your site. Difference between words and actions…

8:27: Angry confrontation from Barack Obama. His voice is rising. Just attacked her for being on the “corporate board of WalMart.”


8:30: “There’s a third person in this debate.” – Edwards

“We’re just getting warmed up.” – Clinton

Obama goes after Bill Clinton again. “I’m here, he’s not.” – Hillary Clinton

“I can’t tell who I’m running against sometimes.” – Obama …

REZKO – ruh-roh!

8:35: Edwards calls for a time out for Obama and Clinton. … .. Like I said earlier, Edwards has nothing to lose so he’s running with it, soaring amidst the bickering. … ..

8:39: Slum lord response from Obama… .. um… He didn’t actually respond. Associate lawyer? Huh? Color me confused.

8:41: It’s fair to talk about the record, says Clinton. Obama voted with credit card company… Edwards hits Obama on it, and Obama tries to respond, but he doesn’t know how.

8:43: Clinton: You never take responsibility for any vote — HECKLING CLINTON HERE — Obama voted 130 times present; that’s maybe. She’s going down his record.

8:46: It matters if you’re willing to take hard positions, says Edwards, to Obama. Why did you vote over 100 times “present?”

Obama says it was strategy. I worked on tough stuff!

Edwards again, Why over 100 times would you vote present? You’re doing the same thing to Clinton and me, Barack. What if I didn’t show up to vote? I have a responsibility to take a position.

Obama is getting creamed on his “present” votes. Edwards take down was a window into how good he likely was in court. .. …

8:55: Edwards says you’ve got to insure everyone, Barack. Obama takes from drug companies; Clinton takes from insurance companies.

Obama on mandates; people will be forced to buy health insurance. People aren’t trying to avoid health care; they can’t afford it. So who pays for the people who get stuck in the emergency rooms because they aren’t mandated to get it? YOU and ME. Shaking head here. .. …

Edwards shuts Obama up entirely on health care at this point. Obama loses this one badly.

9:00: If you don’t stand for universal health care you won’t get there, says Clinton. Clinton and Edwards have universal. Obama does not. It’s now laid out plainly. Finally. What the hell took so long. BIG APPLAUSE FOR CLINTON ON HEALTH CARE

Obama is standing there shaking his head back and forth.


Clinton goes back to “present” vote of Obama. I won’t put band-aids on our problems. I want to fix them. … ..

Edwards jumps on him again…

9:02: Obama is talking and talking, but I’m not sure what the hell he’s saying. I don’t think he does either.

9:05:IRAQ is up… to Clinton: Are you looking to end this war or win it? End it, says Clinton. There is no military solution; our troops shouldn’t remain as a referee. Surge pacified parts of Iraq. Tactical military success is possible, but the purpose is political. The Iraqis know that they will no longer have a blank check. “I will withdraw troops from Iraq.” It’s dangerous. … ..

9:10: Clinton brings up information about legislation she proposed on Bush’s “enduring relationship” with Iraq.