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Obama, Rezko and One Photo of the Clintons

NBC evidently showed an undated and unsourced photo today of Rezko and the
Clintons. One photo? The truth is that Rezko
has never given one dime to Hillary or Clinton
. If you want to talk Clinton
fundraisers, it’s not like any of them launched Hillary Clinton’s political
career, going back seventeen years to the beginning, including a land deal with Rezko when he was under investigation by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, and every other Chicago politician was running in the other direction. That’s exactly what happened. Considering all the information we have
on Obama and Rezko, including that he won’t talk about it and calls the man
who bankrolled his career “this individual,” I’d say if the traditional
media is going to make a big deal out of one single solitary photo it’s about
time we had more pieces like the CNN video shown above. For those of
you wondering, this one photo incident is just one reason the 5,000 word investigative piece I did earlier
this week was so important. You just knew the media was going to dig up something
to shove at the Clintons. At least CNN did their job and put the scrutiny where
it belongs.

The Chicago Sun-Times continues to cover the story, with one simple demand:

Barack Obama just keeps bobbling the Tony Rezko hot potato, and if he doesn’t
get a handle on it soon, his campaign for the presidency is going to be badly

On Wednesday, the Illinois senator fumbled again as he continued to try to
minimize his relationship with Rezko while making the rounds of the morning
news shows.

“My relationship is he was somebody who I knew and
had been a supporter for many years,” Obama said on CBS in response to
Hillary Clinton’s “slumlord” attack from earlier this week. “He
was somebody who had supported a wide range of candidates all throughout Illinois.
Nobody had an inkling that he was involved in any problems.”

Somebody who I knew?


That’s such an understatement that it borders on a falsehood.
… ..

Time for Obama to come clean

To dismiss Rezko as ‘somebody who I knew’ just isn’t going to cut it

“Somebody who I knew” is as bad as “this individual,” which
Obama used during the debate this past Monday. It’s the same treatment we got when Obama despicably denied his co-chair in New Hampshire was a lobbyist. He did that in a debate, then when asked about it couldn’t (or wouldn’t) answer the question.

But now NBC is showing one picture of Rezko and the Clintons. It’s just one
reason I long ago started looking into Obama and Rezko, because with the president
and first lady taking pictures with any number of people over the years, you
just knew this was coming. Because if people can hit the Clintons they will never
miss an opportunity to do so. Considering how deep Obama’s relationship is with Rezko,
you’d think that would be more important.

UPDATE: Video of Clinton on “Today” when confronted with the Rezko picture.

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