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Obama Embraces Outside PAC

You started to see him shift in Nevada when he embraced the UNITE HERE smear
ad put together from an outside group. A friend in California forwarded an email
from a PAC called Vote Hope! Obama is now going all in with outside groups,
this one paying $12.50/hr, plus other money, to organize for him. The use of
the PAC, however, is a shift from Obama’s rhetoric, that’s for sure and is not
exactly in line with all Obama’s I’m a different kind of politician
hype. Let’s just say I’m not shocked.

has already posted on this, after receiving an email from one of his

Vote Hope, a group with a PAC and 527, founded by Steve Phillips, emailed
supporters today with a help-wanted, announcing that they’re “fired up
to win California for Obama!” The email suggests that the organizing
will be done through another group of which Phillips, son-in-law of the Democratic
mega-donors Herb and Marion Sandler, is president, PowerPAC.

Here’s what’s being sent:

Hello Barack Obama Supporter!

With Election Day fast approaching, we wanted to let you know about a great
opportunity to support Obama and get paid! On February 5th, PowerPAC, an organization
supporting Barack Obama, will be hiring organizers to help turn out the vote.
Here is the job description:

Organizers are responsible for:
• Calling Voters in specific locations and reminding them to vote.
• Providing Voters rides to their polling location.
• Checking polling locations to make sure supporters have voted.

Specific Requirements:
• Car and valid driver’s license w/ insurance strongly preferred.
• Ability to work form 8am-8pm on Election Day: Tuesday, February 5th.
• Must attend Mandatory one-hour training on Sunday, February 3rd.

Organizers will be working out of Alameda, San Francisco, Los Angeles and
San Diego Counties.

The Pay is $12.50/ hr and will include the 1-hour training on Sunday, February
3, a 12 hour workday on Tuesday, February 5 and $15 gas reimbursement.

Do you want to Barack the Vote on February 5th? Contact the lead organizer
in your region:

Alameda County: —- Cell 202——-. Email: —
San Francisco County: —- Cell 415——-. Email: —
Los Angeles County: —- Cell 949——-. Email: —
OR —-. Cell 818——. Email: —
San Diego County: —- Cell 323——-. Email —

Positions are going fast, so if you are interested, please contact the above
organizers soon! We are fired up to win California for Obama!

In solidarity,

The Vote Hope Team

It makes people wonder. One foreign press writer asks, Is this the end of the Obama revolution? I don’t think it is at all, but the article brings out many trouble spots for Obama going forward, not the least of which is what is represented in the email above. What he says doesn’t match with what he’s doing. We saw that with the lobbyist story out of New Hampshire, then in Nevada. It’s replicating itself in California. So if you can’t trust the hype, how can you trust the man?

It’s not Obama’s only problem right now. Segue to Jeffrey Feldman. He runs down why I knew it was a bad idea for Obama to yip at The Big Dog.

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