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Obama Attacks, Chicago Style

Obama Attacks, Chicago Style
reported from Las Vegas

“I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk…You can’t say yesterday
you don’t believe in them and today you’re having three-quarters of a million
dollars being spent for you.” – Barack

That quote is so last year.

So much for that walk; it’s back to what Barack Obama does best: talk.

The use of outside negative ads from an outside group,
something he’s lectured everyone about ad nauseam, is in full swing. The politics of hope has converted to the politics of convenience.
Outside smear ads are now all the rage. Here’s the

“It’s pathetic and it’s sad and it’s unfortunate that they have
to stoop so low,” said Dolores Huerta, a longtime Hispanic
labor leader who supports Clinton. She said she had never met Obama in her
years of working on Hispanic causes, and suggested the ad was prompted by
his lack of Hispanic support.

“I have yet to find even one worker — a Latino worker —
who is supporting Barack Obama,” she said. … ..

‘Hillary Clinton does not respect our people’

Hispanic support for Clinton is huge in Las Vegas, which
I reported on
last Saturday, with Dolores Huerta standing next to Clinton chanting the words Obama stole from her. Something also tells me, since Mr. Obama is so uninterested in history, he likely doesn’t even know who Dolores

Wake up and remember the posturing. From an Obama
during the Iowa caucus season:

Heading into the final stretch before the Iowa caucuses, millions of dollars
in third party spending are pouring into the state in an unprecedented attempt
to benefit the campaigns of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton. For Clinton,
AFSCME, EMILY’s List and the AFT have spent over $2.6 million to assist
her campaign – even as AFSCME attacks Obama for a position on health
care mandates that they themselves have. The groups supporting Edwards have
spent over $2 million including efforts organized by one “independent”
organization run by one of Edwards’ highest-ranking political aides
which newspapers reported today received a questionable 11th-hour donation
of $495,000 just days ago.

Obama’s stance before

Obama also ramped up his assault on Edwards’ consistency and his character:

“We can’t argue on the one hand that we’re going to be reformers unless
the things that need to be reformed advantage us — and then we’re less
the fighter on behalf of reforms,” he said, referring to Edwards, who
refers to himself as a “fighter.”

And more:

It’s not change when you decry the influence of money in politics but then
stay silent when your former campaign manager exploits the biggest loophole
in the law to benefit the Edwards’ campaign with millions of dollars in ads
from an unregulated political fund whose donors are undisclosed. John Edwards
can and should call on his former advisor to stop this effort.

But it’s okay to have UNITE-HERE, the daddy of the Culinary union, slam Clinton.
Nice moral compass. Blowback from the failed teachers lawsuit is in full swing
and Mr. Obama is taking full advantage, regardless of all the lectures he’s
given everyone else. Politics as usual, baby, Chicago style.

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