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Can’t wait to hear Claire McCaskill’s explanation of this shot. For a primer she should watch Obama’s classless “you’re likable enough” shot in New Hampshire. The word small comes to mind.

The other side of the Kennedy clan, Robert F. Kennedy’s children, endorsed Clinton today:

While talk of unity and compromise are inspiring to a nation wary of divisiveness, America stands at a historic crossroads where real issues divide our political landscapes. Democrats believe that America should not be torturing people, eavesdropping on our citizens or imprisoning them without habeas corpus or other constitutional rights. We should not be an imperial power. We need healthcare for all and a clean, safe environment.

The loftiest poetry will not solve these issues. We need a president willing to engage in a fistfight to safeguard and restore our national virtues.

We have worked with Hillary Clinton for 15 years (and in Kathleen’s case, 25 years) and witnessed the power and depth of her convictions firsthand. We’ve seen her formidable work ethic, courage in the face of adversity and her dignity and clear head in crisis. We’ve also seen her two-fisted willingness to enter the brawl when America’s principles are challenged. Her measured rhetoric, political savvy and pragmatism shield the heart of our nation’s most determined and most democratic warrior.

Lots to talk about. I’ll be dissecting what language like Gov. Kathleen Sebelius offered last night means to our party, especially in the hands of people who can’t sell it. One word: mush. Here’s the video, caffeine mandatory.

Oh, and about that story the traditional media and some bloggers are pushing, you know, race baiting and saying that Bill Clinton is — insert cackle here — racist. Harlem backs Bill.

… .. “Look,” said Mr. Nelson, who was sitting at the curb near Mr. Clinton’s office on 125th Street, “all he’s doing is what any man would do. When your woman tries to get somewhere, you got to help her. His wife is running for president and, being his woman is involved, so he got involved, too.” … ..

… .. “What Bill Clinton said — well, his wife is running for office,” said Tonya Burnett, who was waiting outside the building to visit a city housing office. “He’s got to represent just like she represented when he was running. I don’t think it’s such a big deal.” …

… Many in Harlem were overjoyed when he moved in. A crowd of 2,000 — chanting “We love Bill!” — gathered on the streets, serenaded by a violin rendition of “We Shall Overcome.”

Nonetheless, it was somewhat odd —and perhaps unexpected — to hear so many passing through the doors on Monday suggest that Mr. Clinton’s comments were a natural reaction in support of his wife.

“It ain’t about race and it ain’t about issues,” said Guy Wellington, 48. “It’s about his wife. He wants Hillary to follow in his footsteps. That’s what husbands do.” .. …

Get the message?

Hope you can join me.