It may all revolve around what happens at CPAC
on February 7th
. Ed Morrissey, author of the conservative Captain’s Quarters
blog, who has endorsed Romney: “McCain may well win the nomination
without the conservative base, but he won’t win the general election with those
activists sitting on the sidelines … .. The time to start entering into a
dialogue is now. A visit to CPAC could go a long way towards mending fences
and doing some listening.”

After the endorsement of Gov. Crist and Senator Martinez, McCain got something he needed very much in Florida, though it’s still not clear if he can take the state. But if he does… Regardless, there’s no question McCain is rising.

Is John McCain, the maverick flyboy of the Republican Party, becoming the
candidate of the Republican establishment? … ..

… ..Mr. Martinez, introducing Mr. McCain at a town-hall-style meeting at
a retiree development here, about 45 miles northwest of Orlando, made the
electability argument explicit. “It’s important that we win in
November, and I think John McCain gives us the best chance to win in November,”
he said, citing polls that show Mr. McCain would be the most competitive against
the Democratic nominee.

“We need John McCain to be the standard bearer,” Mr. Martinez
said. … ..

Long a G.O.P. Maverick, Is Gaining Mainstream Support

But will Republicans ever consider electability? Democrats can beat Slick Mitt.
John McCain will make the November election a real fight, no matter who our
nominee is.