Just kidding. But that thud you heard late last night was conservatives everywhere passing out en masse.

Wingnut radio will be on its knees today praying that the endorsement of Florida’s
Governor Crist won’t keep Slick Mitt from winning the sunshine state. Because
if McCain wins Florida it will get very hard for these bloviating xenophobes
to stop him from getting the nomination. So they’ll have to back into it and
make peace before it happens or they’ll look like the powerless lackeys of lunacy
they are to the rest of us. Stay tuned, as they say.

McCain and Romney are also now
in a word fight
. McCain is saying that Romney favored withdrawal from Iraq.
Bay Buchanan was on Fox “News” last night talking about it and I thought
her head was going to explode. She’s a big Romney whiner. McCain’s on “Meet
the Press” again, so we’ll see if he makes the same charge with his NBC
pal. As many times as Russert has McCain on he should get a bonus for butt kissing.
Ms. Buchanan better up her meds if she plans to watch. One more outburst and
she’s going to go pop.

Quick final thoughts about South Carolina and Feb. 5th for me go something
like this
, and I agree with much of what Ambinder says. First, no sense
in Clinton’s team spinning it. The truth is that it’s not going to get any more
favorable on demographics for Barack Obama going forward. Also, his
team worked their tales off in South Carolina. But they can’t do that again in 22 states in less than 10 days. Besides,
Clinton has strong support in states coming up where delegate numbers are big. But watch to see what kind of shift
in polls you see and what kind of Obama bump develops. Florida is on Tuesday. It doesn’t count. Right. Keep telling
yourself that.