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On a conference call just a few minutes ago, Rep. Maxine Waters endorsed Hillary
Clinton for president. I blogged it as it was going on. Below are my notes.

“She stands head and shoulders above the rest.”
– Rep. Maxine Waters

One of the things Waters mentioned is that the reason she’s endorsing Clinton
is that she’s someone who can solve problems.

Afterwards, Hillary Clinton joined in on the call, which was quite a surprise.
They also took questions, many from the California media. An Oakland reporter
asked if Hillary Clinton “had hope with black and brown voters.” Waters
said emphatically that “California is Hillary Clinton territory” and
that Clinton will have a coalition of people working for her in California.

To Clinton from The Hill: How important are endorsements? Clinton
said it’s a pleasure to get endorsements from colleagues, but Maxine Waters
carries “special weight” and she’s “so grateful to have it.”

Why are you doing so well in California? “California is in the solutions
Clinton replied. She added, Maxine and I are

New York Sun: Stimulus package comment. The package right now needs
to be improved, said Clinton, on jobs, mortgage crisis, heating issues.

About Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama: “We are all proud of
those who endorse us,”
said Clinton. That’s why she’s so
happy about the Waters endorsement, which carries real political weight. The
endorsement of three Kennedy children endorsing her also gave her great pride.
But it comes down to a choice of individuals, including experience and qualifications.
Who can undo the damage of the Bush-Cheney years?

What about small business help for African Americans (and minorities): Double
the budget for women-owned and minority businesses. Reinstate empowerment zones,
as well as tax credits that target minority owned businesses. Provide technical
assistance for small businesses that they can’t afford for website and inventory
control. Clinton’s health care plan is good for small businesses, even though
it’s not demanded of them to join in. Clinton apologized personally to the reporter
who didn’t have the information, because she’s done speeches on it and has info
on her site and promised she’d get it immediately after the call. She thanked
her also for calling to ask the question.

“Thanks to everyone and I’ll see you in California.” – Senator
Hillary Clinton