Can you imagine Bush talking to the American people in a real townhall today? Fat chance.
The video above was emailed to me. Democratic Daily has it posted as well and you’ll love the title of her post.

Clinton today
on the State of the Union, Mr. Bush, and our country:

If we all do our part, next year it’ll be a Democratic President giving
the State of the Union. Let’s be clear, one thing that President Bush
has never understood is that the State of the Union is not about a speech
in Washington. It is about the state of the lives of the American people.
What is happening in our schools, in our hospitals, in our jobs? It is whether
or not we have people who feel that they are moving toward the American dream
or whether it looks like it’s getting further and further away no matter
how hard they work. It is about whether or not people will be able to stay
in their homes or if they will lose their homes to foreclosures, thereby really
undermining the American dream. It is about whether we as a nation will restore
our leadership and our moral authority, bring our Constitution out of cold
storage, begin to act like Americans again, solving our problems, working
toward a better future, making it possible for us to be proud of our country.
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