5:49: I’ve been fighting for immigrants long before you came to the Senate. Snap! Clinton is against drivers licenses for illegal immigration. It puts people in danger.

Obama: At this point she’s got a clear position, but it took a while. .. …

Clinton: We agree, but let’s correct the record. Clinton supported her governor. The same week you couldn’t answer the question. It is a difficult issue. … .. Clinton solution: coalition with “fair minded” Republicans.


6:03: Clinton dominating the opening segment after the debate. Resume from Obama. Then Clinton came in and took the stage and held it.

Kennedy question: Clinton has 3 of Robert F. Kennedy’s kids. Having the first woman president would be a huge change for the world. Supporters are wonderful, but it’s about the two of us.

Question to Obama about Clinton years. After George Bush, they look even better. I wouldn’t diminish those accomplishments. We are bringing in a whole generation of new voters. Mentions Kennedy yet again. Manage gov., but also tell people to reach higher. Again, Obama is terrific, but his biggest weakness is rambling.

–This debate is devoid of foreign policy topics. It’s troubling to me. I think it’s a disservice to Democrats.–


“It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and I think it might take another Clinton to clean up after the second one.”

—raucous applause–

Obama just looked down and started doodling. He refused to look up.

Through the applause, Wolf decided to take a break.

Iraq. Video to follow.