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Why Was Obama Such a Disappointment When He Was Needed the Most?

Why Was Obama Such a Disappointment When He Was Needed the Most? updated-edited-bumped

The first anti Hillary ad targeting a Democratic primary candidate is up and running.
It’s meant to do two things: take out a Democratic candidate, obviously; but
to also sew more doubts among Democrats about Clinton, using her as the vehicle
to target another woman. If Republicans can continue to weave the negative narrative
on Clinton
into the fabric of activists and primary voters they hope to knock
Clinton out for the sake of Barack Obama, someone Republicans think they can beat.

On the same subject, but a different angle, there is also an interesting piece
by Al Hunt on the Clinton camp’s supposed bickering
over Bill

Top Clinton campaign officials were privately furious at the former president,
saying he had revived the complaint that the Clintons lack credibility, unfairly
tarnishing his wife in the process.

For his part, the former president, one close associate says, has been bouncing
off the walls at the campaign’s ineptitude in the past few weeks. (It is not
known if the Clintons shared any of these sentiments with each other).

The anxiety being felt by Bill Clinton, America’s most skillful politician,
is understandable. Hillary’s campaign is off-balance. … ..

Bill bringing up Iraq as he did was not
helpful in the least

It brings up a subject no one has covered yet. During the 2004 election, Barack
Obama had a chance to back an anti Iraq war, progressive Democrat. Instead he
went with Joe Lieberman, the most pro Iraq war hawk in the Democratic ranks.

UPDATE AND EDIT: I don’t normally do this, but I’ve had some serious push back on this post. So, along with changing the title, I want to offer what Tim Tagaris posted on DailyKos after Lamont lost to Lieberman. Since Tagaris helped run the Lamont campaign he should know what actually went down. It’s the Lamont post-mortem review of who helped, including a scathing review of Obama, as well as Bill Clinton, with Tagaris saying the following about Clinton (more below): No single senator was quicker to send out $5,000 check after the primary (accompanied by a press release).

Barack Obama

Quite possibly the biggest disappointment … period.

While on his book tour, he was in NYC one day, had a scheduled day off, and appeared in Massachusetts the following day. Yet he couldn’t make time to stop in the state between the two on his day off. We made it explicitly clear he was the single senator we wanted in the state above all others.

He declined.

Eventually, we asked Senator Obama to send out an email for the campaign to his Connecticut list. We created a culture in which emails became news (much like we did with the blogs in the primary). They made it entirely clear that he would basically not even mention Joe Lieberman’s name in the email, let alone take him to task for his unfortunate position on the war in Iraq. This was disappointing, but I wasn’t going to be spiteful. They sent the email, and as I hoped, the press came calling. Our Press Secretary, Eddie Vale, was asked how many people the email went to. He looked on the back-end of the website and saw the number of click-throughs to the landing page I created. He answered “about 5,000.” Within minutes of the Associated Press piece going on the wire, I received several phone calls from Obama staff. They were none to pleased about the 5,000 number. Essentially, Obama could be seen as helping, but not helping THAT much. His staff apparently made it clear that the email only went out to 225 people in Connecticut. That’s it. The next day we were subject to a correction in the papers and ridicule from Lieberman’s campaign and corners of the right-wing blogosphere.

It’s also important to note that Obama’s email came only after a tremendous amount of pressure built up from portions of various online communities who “threatened” in behind-the-scenes conversations and open discussions online that support for Lamont would be viewed as a part of a “presidential checklist.”

Everyone should also know that Robert Gibbs, part of the group that ran the infamous Dean/Osama ad during Iowa 2004, is now Barack Obama’s Communications Director.

To add, Tagaris on Hillary Clinton:

Bill and Hillary Clinton

No single senator was quicker to send out $5,000 check after the primary (accompanied by a press release). In fairness, Hillary Clinton did a (l)ot of good, but Bill hurt us tremendously at the same time. Hillary had a fundraiser for Ned. She met with Ned personally and that generated a good amount of press. They eventually (after significant prodding) sent out an email to their CT list asking for volunteers down-the-stretch (but Hillary would not have it sent in her name). Pretty good. There was quite a bit of debate inside campaign HQ about what their motivations were. But whatever it was, who cares. We quite publicly attempted to use our online support as a lever to encourage public officials and future candidates to rally behind our campaign and do things to help. Whatever the reasons, Hillary as an individual was a net positive to our effort.

It’s not the first time Mr. Obama has revealed that his talk is a lot stronger
than action when given the chance to stand up. I’ve chronicled it over and over

But as journalists are spinning Bill Clinton’s unfortunate I was always against
the Iraq war
rhetoric, maybe someone could take the time to point out an obvious
omission in the coverage. Who has written two letters recently on Mr. Bush’s
enduring relationship with Iraq, complaining about the president going around
Congress? It
wasn’t Barack
. Who has put forth new legislation on Iraq that is meant to
curtail Bush once again going around Congress to install foreign policy un-treaties,
in order to leave Congress out of the process? It
wasn’t Barack

Does it bother anybody else that conservative
Republicans are pushing for Barack Obama

I also just got a laughable email from Democracy for America and Jim Dean, which should have come with a spew alert. It pictures
Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards and Barack Obama in an ad plea, because “only
a progressive will beat the Republicans in 2008.” It’s laughable. Kucinich
can’t win. John Edwards is another story. He definitely deserves another look by Democrats, especially those who hate Hillary but actually are being suckered to buy Obama is close to Edwards’ progressive bona fides. Barack Obama a progressive? If he’s a progressive, I’m
a natural blonde.

Title of this post has been changed.

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