Thank God, the gods, Pan, or even your mother’s cat. But it’s almost over.

A couple of links to start the morning. This
is a disturbing video of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination
. The Pakistani government
wants people to believe she wasn’t shot, as they put out all sorts of misdirection
on what happened. She was shot, it seems clear. We simply must find out who
did this. It’s critically important.

Now to the primary… Via
, how accurate were the polls in ’04?

Consider the final polls for the Democratic Caucuses in 2004. Only five organizations
released public polls conducted in the final week before the Caucuses, which
were held on Monday, January 19 that year. Since both John Kerry and John
Edwards experienced late surges in support, polls conducted before that would
show considerably more “error,” since they obviously missed the
late surge. Also, those who continued to call through Sunday night might have
some advantage in catching the late breaking trend (or, as more cynical pollsters
will point out, those releasing late polls also had the benefit of seeing
the results of the other earlier surveys).

does a masterful blog post round up for 2007. Seriously, you need
to check
it out
. Yours truly is included. It’s an amazing compilation of blog posts.

Someone is going to surge on Thursday. Get ready for it.

Oh, and I’m interested in your favorite political videos. Put them in the comments. If you have some names of the most afflicted individuals with CDS, put links to their posts in the comments as well.

But let the countdown begin. George W. Bush is almost a memory. One sure reason to celebrate.