Editorial cartoonist Mark
Alan Stamaty
says it all in a cartoon in the LA Times today, which
ran as a full page in the opinion
. Here’s a pdf
of it that is a
must see
. It is the best editorial cartoon of the primary
season, proving once again why I covet the talent of cartoonists like Stamaty.
I can say it in words, but the impact an editorial cartoon can make is something
altogether more powerful.

The cartoon answers the question, but so does the latest Zogby
poll showing Clinton at 31%
, Obama at 27%, Edwards at 24%. McClatchy-MSNBC
has Edwards at 24%, Clinton at 23%, Obama at 22%.

The support Clinton has received
on this blog and on my radio show wasn’t simply a gift to the first viable female
candidate. Hillary Clinton earned the coverage she gets here. I wasn’t
convinced at first
, though my thoughts early on did contain the fighter aspect
of Clinton which I’ve always appreciated and think are critically important to winning next November. Then I saw her in action several times
and she quite simply, not only blew me away with how “scary smart”
she is, but her demeanor and graciousness was unmistakable. Clinton convinced
me. So whatever reasons there are out there that make people feel they’re not
supposed to like Hillary, when they see her in action, they will likely fade, which is why I believe her negatives have only one place to go and that is down.

Segue to a rough transcript of today’s “Reliable Sources,” which
I received via a friend. The back and forth between Kurtz and Milbank answers
the question too. Why aren’t you supposed to like Hillary? Because the traditional
media, cable talking heads, wingnut radio, plus many blogs, have told you not

KURTZ: I had the impression it was a camp reunion when I was out there in
Iowa. And it is great, the retail campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. It
is fun to cover and it is real, but it’s — when the votes are counted and
we decide who did well — for example, Hillary Clinton, let’s say she doesn’t
win Iowa. Let’s say she gets edged out by 1,000 votes.
Is the press going to savage her as a loser?

MILBANK: The press will savage her no matter what, pretty much.

KURTZ: If she wins?

MILBANK: Well, obviously if she wins by any great margin — the press with
Hillary Clinton, it’s a poisonous relationship. And I visited the various
campaigns out there. It’s a mutual sort of disregard. And they really have
their knives out for her, there’s no question about it out there. So…

KURTZ: And to what extent do you think that is affecting the coverage of
Senator Clinton?

MILBANK: I think it unquestionably is. And I think Obama gets significantly
better coverage than Hillary Clinton does, and given an equal performance
he’ll come out better for it.

KURTZ: Is this because journalists like Obama better than Hillary or…

MILBANK: It’s more that they dislike Hillary Clinton. There is a long history
there, her antagonism towards the press. It’s returned in spades. And it is
a venomous relationship that I see out there.

KURTZ: Interesting. All right. … ..

Clinton gets more negative press than any other candidate, which has been proven
conclusively by study
after study,
as well as the devastating
review Kathleen Hall Jamieson rendered
about Clinton’s press to Bill
earlier this month. I’ve been on this story for months and months.
Give credit where it’s due, with Howard Kurtz hanging a lantern on it lately.
Exhibit A is Chris Matthews, though who
can forget Mr. Tim Russert
, but they’re not the only ones, just two of the
most infamous Hillary haters. Right-wing radio is as bad, sometimes worse. There
is no reason whatsoever why Clinton should trust the traditional media. When
she gives access to Keith Olbermann, or goes on the morning shows in a “full
Ginsberg,” it’s an event, but it’s been proven time and again in other
instances that when she does open up the doors to the media what they’re really
looking for is a sensational headline, instead of offering fair coverage to
the most scrutinized and harshly criticized woman in the world. So when cable talking heads
and others blather about Clinton not answering enough questions the reason why
is obvious. If the traditional press doesn’t like it maybe they should treat
her fairly instead of differently.

So tell me again why I’m not supposed to like Hillary? Because after seeing her in action, dealing with her campaign team, watching her take the heat, even stumble, but come back fighting every time, all I can say is that the press has built a narrative about Clinton, with a lot of help from Republicans over 15 years, they want you to believe that it’s just not cool to like Hillary Clinton. But when thinking about choosing the best Democratic nominee, the next president, this editorial cartoon says it all.