It’s official. Conservatism is dead. D. E. A. D. Dead.

Why William F. Buckley allowed this to happen I will never know. I wonder if Slick Mitt agrees with Mr. Buckley on his assessment on Iraq? We already know the answer, which is why this development is so telling. NRO
endorsed **cough** Willard
a couple of days ago. The bankruptcy of the Republican party is encapsulated in the endorsement of Mitt Romney by the National Review.

… .. Romney is an intelligent, articulate, and accomplished former businessman
and governor. At a time when voters yearn for competence and have soured on
Washington because too often the Bush administration has not demonstrated
it, Romney offers proven executive skill. He has demonstrated it in everything
he has done in his professional life, and his tightly organized, disciplined
campaign is no exception. He himself has shown impressive focus and energy.

It is true that he has less foreign-policy experience than Thompson and (especially)
McCain, but he has more executive experience than both. Since almost all of
the candidates have the same foreign-policy principles, what matters most
is which candidate has the skills to execute that vision. … ..

Read Buckley on Iraq: “Our mission has failed.” Romney is nowhere near being able to articulate what Buckley can on foreign policy. Meanwhile, though I find everything about John McCain objectionable, he is an American patriot who actually represents true conservatism. Romney is a charlatan who has seduced the image and opinion makers in conservative circles because they’re so desperate for someone who at least looks like a winner. Substance and principle have taken a back seat.

But what baggage Slick Mitt brings along with him. Romney was for abortion, before he was against it.
Okay with illegal immigrants as gardeners, before he fired them. But that’s
okay, because he shoots varmints! He’s one of them.

As for his Mormonism, I’ll
let this cartoon video over at AlterNet
fill in the rest.

This is what I predicted would happen almost one year ago. Republicans rallying around
Slick Mitt. Conservatism sure isn’t what it used to be. In fact, with this endorsement, for some, it means that money takes all.