The elders
. There’s too much hyper partisanship in Washington. So upon threat
of backing a third party bid for president, The Self Appointed Wise Ones will
gather to discuss how to remake the country so compromise is possible. I’m not
frightened of a third party, especially under the banner of “unity.”
But it seems to me that Franklin, Adams, Jefferson and the others, even though
they weren’t crazy about political parties, certainly believed in their ideas
enough not to compromise them on the altar of can’t we all just get along,
coming to an agreement out of half measures because bickering was just
too unseemly. Some things are worth fighting for and debating and holding out
until you win. Hey, but maybe the 21st century is all about making beige the
new red, white and blue. If some guy can buy his way into the race like everybody
else why not? Isn’t it fitting that this news comes compliments of David Broder?
Seriously, if you don’t have the stomach anymore for the modern day revolution
just say so. You don’t have to gather a bunch of people from yesteryear to have
a pout-fest to ponder Oh dear, what shall we do with the children?

It makes me want to channel the French.

So be it resolved this last Sunday of 2007…

I will not make peace with people like Bill Kristol, who get loud megaphones
like the New York Times, applying his legendary Dan Quayle of political
pontificating for ever more cash in hopes conservatives can maybe save the Grey
Lady from more losses.

I will not make peace with wingnut radio hosts who roasted Bill Clinton throughout
the 1990s, then when they got bored went after his wife, which they’ve been
doing for 15 years.

I will not make peace with the Republicans who don’t believe in the Constitution,
and look the other way as they sell off part of that Great Document just
so we can all roast weenies together; with Democrats ending up supplying the
frickin’ weenies, the wood, as well as missing out on dessert because the Republicans
didn’t bring any.

I will never accept the sacrifice of our soldiers for the causes of another country’s people, if American national security interests aren’t the biggest reasons why we’re fighting.

I will not ignore unjust targeting of the first viable female candidate to
run for president in order to make everyone more comfortable because some of
the guys are getting a pass so they can keep their halos.

I will not stop laughing at Chris Matthews’ craven Hillary hatred, all because
he’s mad that Keith Olbermann got access and he didn’t. Seriously, it’s just
too delicious.

I will not stop believing that fighting for justice is more important than
listening to The Self Appointed Wise Ones who think it’s just too unseemly to
throw down on people like Kristol, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly
and other bozos who believe God put them on the planet to set us all straight,
figuratively and literally.

I will not ever accept Slick Mitt as our president, not ever.

I will not join hands with the Mike Huckabee crowd who disrespect our founders
by blatantly trying to out Christ other Americans (including this Christian), especially since my sweet
husband is a committed agnostic who hates religious proselytizing of all types.
He counts too.

I will never ignore when a Democrat believes in Robert Novak over one of our
own. Bad omen.

I will always remember the lessons of Florida in 2000, and so should you.

I will always remember what happened in 2004, when a decorated Democratic veteran
running for president was swiftboated.

I will always remember that in that same year Democrats chose to stay above
the fray at our convention, talking up the positives, which left an open playing
field for the Republicans to come in and slit our throats that fall.

I will remember Ohio, and that lawyers and tactics are part of any political strategy in today’s climate.

I will always remember that winning is why we fight.

I won’t be seduced into believing that compromise can happen with Republicans
who don’t believe we are our brothers and sisters keepers, and preach that if
you can’t do it yourself it’s just your tough luck or laziness.

I will never surrender the notion that even an insider female running for president
can be a revolutionary idea in a country where in the 21st century women have not had the chance to run the free world.

I will continue to remind all who will listen that an insider female running
for president can only get to that place by being an insider, and that men had
to start out that way and still have to run that way, and we do too.

I will always respect the ideological differences of fellow Democrats who don’t
think the insider female running for president is the correct choice, but never
respect an alternative that has no ideological compass at all.

So be it resolved this last Sunday of 2007 that Mr. Broder’s peace tour is
not welcome around here because it will accomplish only one thing: To serve
Democrats and all we stand for up on a political platter to Republicans who
will quickly take us out because these guys always come packing.

You can’t offer the world revolutionary change from what’s just passed if you aren’t the last one standing.