THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Sen. Joe Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic vice-presidential nominee, will endorse Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for president tomorrow. The two will appear together at a press conference Monday morning in New Hampshire, weather permitting. – Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard

This has been around for awhile, but speculation is that it just might come to fruition tomorrow. Also Via
Marc Ambinder

Democratic and Republican sources say that Sen. Joe Lieberman, the independent
Democrat from Connecticut and fierce supporter of the war in Iraq, will formally
endorse Sen. John McCain tomorrow in New Hampshire.

A McCain spokesperson declined to comment.

A source familiar with the endorsement said that the two will appear of NBC’s
Today Show tomorrow morning and at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. …

The only thing more exciting would be if Mr. Lieberman just threw down and
left the Democratic party.

There’s been scuttlebutt for a long time that McCain could pull a unity ticket
with Lieberman. Really, isn’t it just about time we all got along? It would
make it so much easier for neocons wanting to expand U.S. hegemony. After all,
this democratic republic stuff is overrated, don’t you think?

AIPAC will love it. Keep the Iran war alive!