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Is Edwards’ Goose Cooked?

The latest
poll on Iowa
is devastating for Edwards. But he has no one to blame but
himself. His hit job mentality, compliments of a campaign with no compass, has
hurt him badly in that state, which was his only hope to start the ball rolling.
I don’t think he’ll recover. It’s my belief that the top tier is officially a two person race: Clinton v. Obama.

NET LEANED VOTE: 11/18/07 (compared to) 7/31/07

Barack Obama 30 27
Hillary Clinton 26 26
John Edwards 22 26

I also have to agree with BigTentDemocrat over at TalkLeft. Anne Kornblut and company are at it again. The headline says “Clinton Slips in Iowa Poll,” which is hardly the case. Her numbers have stayed the same since July. Edwards is the one slipping.

Edwards is now running the biography ad with which he should have started his
campaign. Too little, too late. Last week’s debate was the last straw. He was
the clear loser in so many ways.

But don’t forget this is Iowa. Chase Martyn has a whole different perspective.

That said, I believe you’ll see more defections from Edwards. The bottom seems to be falling out.

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