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Camille Paglia Gets Fact Checked

Whiskey Fire

Paglia has a column in Salon because the editors of Salon hate you. Here
are her latest dribblings on the subject of HRC:

Hillary’s stonewalling evasions and mercurial, soulless self-positionings
have been going on since her first run for the U.S. Senate from New York,
a state she had never lived in and knew virtually nothing about. The liberal
Northeastern media were criminally complicit in enabling her queenlike,
content-free “listening tour,” where she took no hard questions
and where her staff and security people (including her government-supplied
Secret Service detail) staged events stocked with vetted sympathizers, and
where they ensured that no protesters would ever come within camera range.

See, this is funny, because as an actual resident of upstate New York, I
went to one of HRC’s events when she was campaigning for Senate against noted
snotnosed twerp Rick Lazio. It was at a fairly large restaurant/banquet hall.
Oddly enough, right outside the restaurant, there were about a dozen protesters…
and they were in camera range! Also, HRC gave a brief talk, and then took
unscripted questions from the audience, comprised of local people, and while
some of the questions were fluff, some of them were tough questions about
what she would do to help the local economy! (As an aside, HRC for whatever
reason comes across much more stiffly on TV than in person — in person she
can be quite charismatic.)

Paglia is nuts. HRC won in NY because she ran a smart, tough campaign upstate
— which can be as conservative as any red state anywhere. Paglia is talking
about a subject upon which she is entirely ignorant and trading on stereotypes,
quelle surprise. In a weird way this sort of plays to HRC’s advantage, as
it did in NY: all she has to do is show up and be different from the misogynist
caricature, and she impresses. I saw this happen at that restaurant first-hand.
… ..

Seriously, read
the whole thing

That Paglia actually states in writing, thanks
, that Diane Feinstein, the woman who was all out for Mukasey,
“should have been the first female president” renders her argument on anything
having to do with Hillary Clinton worthless. Besides her problem with Clinton is actually Bill. No surprise there.

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