has advice for his favorite candidate and he is partially right.

But what he should really be doing is attacking Giuliani.

I say partially, because he definitely should keep his target area wide to
include all of the Republicans. They’ve given him a perfect shot.

But it appears that some GOP frontrunners are once again letting an opportunity
to appear before African-American voters lapse, just as they decided to sit
out a black voter forum hosted last month by Tavis Smiley.

The Congressional Black Caucus Institute announced in September that it had
scheduled a debate for November 4 on Fox News for Republican presidential
candidates. But a spokeswoman for the group confirmed to the Huffington Post
that it has now been postponed, with no new date set.

“The debate will not take place on November 4, and we’re still considering
the debate schedule,” said CBC Institute spokesperson Georgella Muirhead.
… ..

‘Scheduling Conflicts’ Postpone Another Black Voter Forum

What idiots; bigoted, racists, short-sided, dunder headed jackasses. But it
certainly serves up an opportunity for Barack Obama to lead and strike out at
the Republicans. That should be his target. He needs to sound like a frontrunner,
defying all expectations to punch Clinton, which Axelrod
has already said is not their

There are many Obama supporters who think he has been entirely too subtle
and that he needs to go straight for the jugular Tuesday night. Axelrod isn’t
one of them, and he presumably has some influence. “The Washington people
want a steel-cage death match,” he said. “It’s blood lust.
But we have our own theory and our own pace. And, by the way, it’s a
dead heat in Iowa.”

There is no doubt that I have many differences with Mr. Obama, mainly his horrendous
mistake to run a kumbaya campaign. Ideology and policies matter. To lead
you need to know where you are going and what you want to do and Mr. Obama has
not explained either because he’s too busy trying not to offend anyone. He should
begin tonight by offending every single Republican in the country by stating
outright that their candidates are bankrupt of ideas and — now insert Obama
lingo… even Republican voters deserve better and I will be a president
of all the people, blah-blah-blah.
I remain skeptical that Obama’s a fighter,
because he hasn’t shown the fire. But turning his aim on Republicans would
rev people up, because we love to have an enemy, and keep the focus on him,
except to challenge Clinton on Iran.

But make no mistake about it. Tonight is a big one for Obama.