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VIDEO: First 10 minutes of the debate.
VIDEO: Biden on Pakistan
VIDEO: Iran, Nukes, Clinton, Biden and Kyl-Lieberman

Biden on Rudy Giuliani, besides that he’s the most unqualified man since George W. Bush to want to be president…

“There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, a verb, and 9/11.” – Sen. Joe Biden

Well, well, well, Pakistan finally took center stage beyond Iran.

‘Mr. 9/11’ is no doubt on the horn to his foreign policy honchos trying to figure out what that means, because he sure as hell is clueless.

So far it’s Biden and Edwards up front and center, with Clinton holding tough. Edwards is hitting her hard, with Obama melting back. Clinton is not giving an inch. It’s also one of the first times she asked to rebut Edwards.

Mr. Edwards: The one problem Mr. Edwards does not have is consistency; he has been ratcheting up his attacks on Mrs. Clinton over the past few weeks as polls showed her pulling away and him fading a bit. (This morning, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign helpfully posted a video of a much-younger-looking Mr. Edwards from 2004 when he was a very different candidate. At the time, he sounded like -– well — Mr. Obama, in talking about the sunny and attack-free campaign he would run.)

It’s a fair bet that Mr. Edwards believes that Mr. Obama will not be able to thread his needle tonight and will look to step into the role he has always wanted this year: To be the anti-Clinton. Based on the past few days, watch for Mr. Edwards to offer criticism of Mrs. Clinton on two main points: her candor and, not unrelated, her electability. … ..

Debate Preview: All Eyes on Obama

UPDATE III: Clarification alert. I believe we need some sort of identification for illegal immigrants, and that governors have to do something about it. I believe Spitzer botched the pr angle badly. I also think his legislation was much too complicated. In the end, the answer must come from Congress, who has failed miserably so far. We can’t have state-by-state immigration laws, especially drivers licenses. Uniformity is key, but some how we must find out who is in this country.

UPDATE II: The last question on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants was absolutely a death trap. Only Chris Dodd got the answer right — to add, Biden agrees with Dodd — as far as I’m concerned. Clinton got caught in it, maybe was even surprised by it, with Edwards calling her on an answer he felt didn’t cut it. Many people don’t think the drivers license issue matters. They’re wrong. It’s one of those emotional issues on both sides and no matter what you believe you’ve got to have an answer for a real issue that faces this country. It’s these types of emotional issues that Democrats usually underestimate, until it’s too late, that trip us up in national elections all the time.

UPDATE: Bill “save the ammunition for the Republicans – stay positive” Richardson is officially pushing for veep tonight. He came to Clinton’s “rescue” from the mean men daring to challenge her. Yo Bill (the other one), Hillary can take care of herself.