This is a continuing story in the Edwards candidacy. It's tremendous acknowledgement of the stength of John Edwards on economic issues that directly impact unions who have traditionally made the middle class possible.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) state councils from Iowa, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio and Oregon announced they have endorsed Senator John Edwards for president, totaling close to one million SEIU members.

Representatives from several of the ten state councils joined Edwards for a press conference at the Eckstein Medical Research Building in Iowa City. The endorsements will allow these SEIU state councils, which collectively represent over 930,000 members, to organize efforts to turn out caucus goers on Edwards' behalf within Iowa, and in any other state where the SEIU state councils have also endorsed Edwards. SEIU state councils across the country will be determining their endorsement decisions in the coming weeks. ... ..

Close to one million SEIU members choose Edwards

In addition, Edwards has also gotten the endorsement of the United Steelworkers, United Mine Workers of America, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the Transport Workers Union of America.

That's a whole lot of boots on the ground in Iowa and beyond, but he has to win that state first. He's going to have a whole lot of help trying to do just that.