Samantha Power… Mark Penn

“Charlie Rose” is one of my favorite programs. He’s revamped his site and you can now watch the interviews online, as well as share them. It’s a terrific feature.

The above video offers an interview with Samantha Power, who is a foreign policy advisor for Barack Obama, and has written a book on genocide. She’s a remarkable woman, talking in broad new ways, with humanitarian focus on foreign policy. Her belief and passion in Barack Obama comes through in the interview.

“(Barack Obama) “He is the embodiment of a globalized world.” … ..
He is the visionary on this campaign.”
– Samantha Power

It was Ms. Power who (I believe) was on the media call after Obama’s recent foreign policy speech on Iraq. We exchanged a moment during that call. Powers is currently working on a book on Sérgio de Mello, the former Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Iraq who was murdered along with so many others. I strongly suggest any of you interested in Barack Obama listen to Ms. Powers. She makes a powerful case and her respect for the candidate is obvious. Powers also talks about Clinton’s negatives, which is something that bothers many Democratic primary voters as well, but she does it in a way that allows anyone to engage in what she’s saying, because there is no noise around her argument. It’s worth a listen.

Next is Mark Penn, who is the chief strategist for the Clinton campaign as most of you know. He talks about his first book “Microtrends,” among other things.

Interesting interviews.