Rudy’s Neocon Crazies updated

UPDATE: Think Progress has more.

The above interview, which TPM caught I’m happy to say, really is instructive.
Mr. Podhoretz shows no patience, respect or tolerance for the point of view
Fareed Zakaria is offering. The simple truth is that containment and sanctions
worked for Saddam, as well as many other regimes, and it can work for Iran.
The issue is that Rudy’s neocon’s have a philosophical foreign policy that dictates the U.S. leverage its power as an empire instead of a democratic republic. These guys are going to bring this country to its knees if we don’t stop them. This is not hyperbole.

Podhoretz, however, isn’t the only on whom we need to keep watch.

Meet Charles Hill, the former executive assistant to Secretary of State Shultz,
who is the Giuliani campaign’s chief foreign policy adviser. The campaign
says that in the coming days and weeks, the Yale University professor will
be setting up meetings with journalists and interviews with television outlets
to get the campaign’s message across on matters of war and peace.

… .. … Mr. Hill’s worldview aligns, however, with today’s hawks in that
he sees militant Islam as the primary threat to the international order. “Most
of what he has written is based on this idea that he touts out again and again,
since 1648 the world has functioned according to the international state system,
that system is breaking down and that is the nature strategically speaking
of this new threat of Islamofascism,” Ms. Worthen said.

Ms. Worthen also said that Mr. Hill’s time in the Foreign Service and serving
in Tel Aviv resulted in his admiration for Jewish nationalism, an admiration
not universally shared by American diplomats who have served in the Jewish

“He was very informed by his experience in Israel and his deep, deep
sympathy for the Israelis, not based on their political situation, but a very
existential empathy for their national philosophy and their culture, which
he perceives as honest and manly, really for standing for something that is
good and true about the human race,” she said.

Meet Giuliani’s New Brain on
Foreign Policy

Then there is Daniel Pipes, who has not officially been announced, but is already
bringing haunting realities to Rudy’s national security strategy. Christopher
Hitchens, not exactly a dove, wrote this about
Pipes in 2003
: On more than one occasion, Pipes has called for the extension
of Israel’s already ruthless policy of collective punishment, arguing that leveling
Palestinian villages is justifiable if attacks are launched from among their
Pipes also refers to the Palestinian refugee reality as “so-called.”

This type of language and philosophical foundation is not going to move the U.S. or the world forward. It is a harbinger for a wider Middle Eastern war and a furthering of the arms race inspired by Bush’s “axis of evil” language.

Tonight in the Democractic debate on MSNBC (9:00 p.m. eastern), Iran will be
up front and center. Look for attacks on Clinton from her left, with Obama, especially, but also Edwards drawing out a distinction between Clinton and themselves, particularly on Kyl-Lieberman. It’s what her
campaign has planned from the start, though no doubt they didn’t anticipate the vote fall out, which was mitigated some by Obama skipping it all together. But the truth is that with the radicalization of the Republican
party and their foreign policy people as well, even with Clinton’s vote on Kyl-Lieberman,
on which I strongly disagree, she’s sounding more and more moderate. That’s right, moderate. My disagreement with Clinton on Kyl-Lieberman was a line that had to be drawn in the sand and a message sent. It has been. Her joining Webb to inoculate herself proves she’s listening. I also am a firm believer that Clinton absolutely does not want a war with Iran; something that cannot be said of Rudy, who is proving through who he has around him that he’s nervous and unsure he has the stuff to deal diplomatically with Iran. Clinton’s language
and positions are also something the voter recognizes, but also comes with a restraint missing from Rudy and the Republican crew. With Obama and Edwards to her left, more people will find Clinton as the voice of reason. It’s already happening.

The majority of the American people are not ready to say that the people leading Iran are not a
threat. They are a threat. Valerie Plame Wilson used the perfect terminology recently,
judging that Ahmadinejad has “malevolent” intent. No one should think
otherwise, though I’m still a firm believer in monetary sanctions and containment
over any type of military action whatsoever, which would actually illustrate
the weakness of American power instead of our strengths, which come from multilateral
engagement and cooperation, as well as realistic assessments of just what constitutes
a clear and present danger to this country before military action is needed.

Somewhere along the line, however, we must send a message to our leaders that
our long-time friend Israel does not have a veto or a say in our foreign policy actions. It’s time to offer more vocal and real support for the Israeli liberals who want peace. The neocons are not helping America or Israel and their policies are only making the world a more dangerous
place where Rudy and his neocons can step in and screw things up yet again.

I’ll be talking about this today with Ilan
Goldenberg from National Security Network
on my radio show. You won’t want
to miss it. Here’s what Ilan had to say about Mr. Podhoretz over at Democracy

… .. I wonder why the Neocons never reference WWI? You know. The
one where all sides wanted to avoid a war but accidently ended up escalating
to a point where they lost control and war became inevitable. The one where
all sides underestimated the difficulty and costs of war and expected the
battle to be over in months. The war where millions died for absolutely nothing.
Surely there is something we can also learn from that episode in history.

The problem is neocons never learn.