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Queen of the Bloggerazi Hits New Low

is the very definition and embodiment of the term bloggerazi.
She’s the moral equal of the stalking papparazi who will stop at nothing to
get their money shot.

I also passed by the Frosts’ rowhouse. There was an “01 – 20
-09? bumper sticker plastered on the door and a newer model GMC Suburban parked
directly in front of the house. I’ve seen guesstimates of the house’s
worth in the $400,000-plus range. Those are high. But Mark Tapscott’s
point remains: “[P]eople make choices and it’s clear the Frosts
have made choice to invest in property and a business, but not in private
health insurance. The Maryland-administered version of the federal SCHIP program,
by the way, does not impose an asset test on applicants.” – Michelle

Ah yes, the old people make choices so pull yourself up by your own bootstraps

But what is really behind 12-year-old
Graeme Frost
(h/t Firedoglake) and the wingnut unraveling surrounding their lying about him?

National health care and the expanding of the rolls of children on S-CHIP is
the equivalent of the second coming of F.D.R.’s Social Security. Democratic
policies and our commitment to families is truly the moral and ethical equivalent
of what cemented a Democratic power block in F.D.R.’s day. With Rush and Michelle
Malkin’s version of the Frost’s story completely unraveling on them they’ve
got no choice but to ratchet up the rhetoric no matter how unhinged they sound.

But to think their despicable targeting of the Frost family is anything but
standard operating procedure is to show just how dense Democrats can be. Ask
Joe Sestak.

“But I rise most because what I saw when my 4-year-old daughter, who
was given three to nine months to live and we lived in a cancer ward in this
city. And her roommate — when this nation because of my military service,
gave me the best health care possible for her to have an opportunity —
her roommate was a young two and a half year old boy diagnosed with acute
leukemia, whose parents did not have health insurance and social workers had
to discuss whether that boy would, with my daughter, have an opportunity to
live into life. I rise in support of this bill for that young boy.”
(former admiral) Rep.
Joe Sestak

When he was running against Curt Weldon, the Republican Indiana Jones took
out after Sestak while
his daughter was fighting a malignant brain tumor
. But it’s what Republicans do best.

No doubt the Frosts never expected what hit them. But the Republican party
is a cornered and wounded animal. Lies are their weapon because the truth doesn’t support what they’re spewing.

Here are the facts that the right-wing distorted in order to attack young

1) Graeme has a scholarship to a private school. The school costs $15K a
year, but the family only pays $500 a year.

2) His sister Gemma attends another private school to help her with the brain
injuries that occurred due to her accident. The school costs $23,000 a year,
but the state pays the entire cost.

3) They bought their “lavish house” sixteen years ago for $55,000
at a time when the neighborhood was less than safe.

4) Last year, the Frosts made $45,000 combined. Over the past few years they
have made no more than $50,000 combined.

5) The state of Maryland has found them eligible to participate in the CHIP

Desperate to defend Bush’s decision to cut off millions of children
from health care, the right wing has stooped to launching baseless and uninformed
attacks against a 12 year old child and his family.

Wing Launches Baseless Smear Campaign Against 12 Year Old Recipient Of SCHIP

But targeting a child suffering from a brain injury? All
in a day’s work, as Ms. Malkin has now begun to channel Bill-O’s tactics of targeting
citizens by ambushing them. The queen of the bloggerazi is on a mission. She has no intention of allowing a severely injured kid to get in her way.

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