Donna Edwards is an amazing woman and would be an incredible asset to the House.
I've met her and interviewed her, so I've seen what she's got first hand. She's
running again against Mr. Wynn, whom is getting the support of Speaker Pelosi.
It's time for a little diplomacy from the Speaker, because no female speaker
should choose to ignore the talent of an African American woman who's got the
goods to be a great congresswoman.

Understanding Speaker Pelosi must support incumbents, or she wouldn't be Speaker
very long, it is still a short-sided mistake not to choose several races where
she can remain neutral, while appearing for Democrats to help them raise money.
Endorsements shouldn't be automatic.

I'm suggesting Pelosi go to both Wynn and Edwards' events, letting the activists
involved pick the fight, while the Speaker could show her support for a woman
who deserves it. There's no doubt I'm a dreamer on this one, but it would still
be the right thing to do. That is unless Speaker Pelosi is actually trying to
shore up her own support within her caucus.

Donna Edwards is a great candidate. Anyone wanting to truly see the House turn
in the direction of strong action should acquiant themselves with her and support
her candidacy. If you are a progressive, this woman is your kind of candidate.

Go Donna. Donate $5, $10 or whatever you can.