John Bolton Leading Black Helicopter Crowd Against the U.S. Navy updated

Just when you think you're rid of him the wingnuts pull him back in. The Law of the Sea convention is running into trouble. Evidently, stealth moves by the black helicopter crowd are having an effect, with John Bolton surfacing again to lead the way.

Sens. John Sununu, Norm Coleman, and George Voinovich all voted for the Law of the Sea in 2004. According to sources in the Senate, all are now reconsidering their votes under heavy pressure from the likes of John Bolton, Frank Gaffney, and their most vocal black helicopter-fearing constituents. If you want to learn more about these opponents, by the way, read Elena Schor's news analysis piece in the Guardian, published yesterday.

The Law of the Sea convention should be a no-brainer. What's more, it should be an opportunity for moderate and old-school conservative Republicans to slam down those in their party who think that the threat of force alone can advance U.S. interests. The votes are still there to pass it on the floor, but now it is becoming a real fight. ... ..

Flip-Flop Alert: Senators Suddenly on the Fence

We all know if John Bolton's involved what message that's sending and it's not good.

The real problem is that people who are usually on opposites sides agree on the Law of the Sea convention.

Conservative senators and critics of the United Nations are attempting once again to stop the US joining an international treaty on access to the world's waters, despite support for it from the military and George Bush.

The UN's Convention of the Law of the Sea, already ratified by more than 150 countries, sets up a system to manage navigation and explore the oceans.

Environmental groups endorse the treaty's protection of global fish stocks, the US navy endorses its assurance of free movement and the oil industry's trade group endorses its promise of a level playing field for companies staking claim to drill in the Arctic. ... ..

Republican rightwingers find an Iraq-on-sea

Bush, oil companies and environmentalists, plus 150 countries, support the Law of the Sea, and the U.S. Navy says it's imperative.

John Head of the Black Helicopter Brigade Bolton does not and is pushing back against the Navy and our national security interests.

There is no question who is right. So if you're in Senators Sununu, Coleman or Voinovich's districts, contact them. Give Al Franken, who is running against Coleman, a shout out too.

It's unconscionable that Bolton is leading a campaign against the U.S. Navy's best interests. It's dangerous for U.S. national security. He needs to be stopped.

UPDATE: Matt Stoller has a post up on it, and don't miss Howie, who reminds us that Andrew Rice is running against one of Bolton's black helicopter minions, James Inhofe. Rice is up and running on Blue America.