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Max Blumenthal has a a screamer of a video he put together from the “values voters” conference. That is if you consider wingnuttery, severe homophobia and general
mania a “value.”

Dobson was the high point for the “values voters.” He leveled the
boom on ‘Mr. 9/11.”

“They talk about the lesser of two evils. Choose the lesser. Well the
problem with that is when you choose the lesser of two evils you’ve still
chosen evil. It leads to compromise. I’ll tell you, I can’t do that.”
– Dr. James Dobson.

But, to quote Max Blumenthal, who offers a must see window into these people,
it was up to “thrice married, serial adulterer,” and let me add, the
man who asked his wife for a divorce in her hospital room while she was still recovering
from cancer surgery, Newt Gingrich to give “the values voters their battle

Newt says, go to the polls.

Newt says, mobilize our friends.

Newt says, then we defeat them.

Only one problem, these
people are certifiable
. And I say that with all due respect — meaning none
at all — and as a renegade Episcopalian. Seriously, where
do they find these guys?