via Greg Sargent

Hillary Clinton is “unelectable,” so says Edwards in a Halloween
edition of “Scary Times.”

The question from Edwards: What if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee?

The answer: Rudy Giuliani will be the next president.

If this is supposed to be cute it’s not. If it’s supposed to be funny no Democrat should be laughing.

Edwards also sent out a long bio piece to Iowans, 12 pages or so according
to Chase Martyn, to try to balance out this hit piece. Considering his money
gap it’s amazing this is what Edwards chose to do. It’s obvious he’s trying
to balance his new attack dog tactics with his small town mill town boy makes
good dream story.

Everyone needs to understand the ramifications of what Edwards especially,
with Russert doing the heavy lifting last night, is doing. With Edwards being double digit
numbers behind, he is putting his own future above the importance of the Democratic
party brand in the general election through choosing to destroy the
frontrunner however he can, no matter the tactic. Edwards is getting personal. He has now decided to lead the most negative campaign
he can, even if by the end of it he loses the nomination, which is even more
likely today than it was two weeks ago, because Iowans are not going to like this tactic. Women will hate it and see it for what it is. Desperation.

Question: What cost will there be for eviscerating Clinton so personally and bloodying our brand?

Answer: Handing the ’08 election to Republicans.

Besides, how does using scare tactics right out of wingnut central help Democrats? It doesn’t.