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Chris Matthews: ‘Clinton Marriage on the Couch’

“Is it for show? … Do they live together? … When he says I talk
to her almost every day on the phone, that sounds like a guy who’s out in
Vietnam or Iraq … Is that their deal? … You’re skirting this problem.
Is he going to be a problem next year, year after? … and the Democrats are
stuck with her as their nominee, is he going to create an embarrassment? …
.. You want to know why that’s true? Because when you ask … .. the flaks
that work for her and they don’t deny there might be a problem. They just
say that’s a personal matter. We don’t talk about personal matters. .. …
We know the name of every woman he’s been involved with. … Paul Jones …
Jennifer Flowers… Monica Lewinski. … .. Does she exploit it and get power
by knowing he’s always feeling guilty with her? .. … and she exploited it
to get more power. … .. Are you confident that there will a stable relationship.
… We do not want another sitcom for another eight years. … ..”

Chris ‘Clinton marriage on the couch’ Matthews (rough compiled transcript)

Sally Bedell Smith’s book “For Love of Politics” hit “Hardball”
yesterday. “Clinton marriage on the couch” is how they pimped it in
commercials. Sex sells, baby, and the Clinton marriage saga sells even better.
So it was jeer and smear from Matthews from the start. The Clinton marriage
is his favorite topic. The video clips illustrate his continual gossip and tabloid
tease track, showing Matthews just can’t help himself. But when he really wants to get personal no one is safe.

“What’s with her clapping? Why is she always clapping? … Is this a
Chinese thing? What is this clapping?” – Chris Matthews

It’s nakedly obvious that Chris Matthews has a thing for ‘Mr. 9/11,’ always touting his “grit,” so when
he went after Clinton for attacking Rudy on his Red Sox hypocrisy it was obvious who he
was pitching for.

“Doesn’t she know she looks like a fraud?” – Chris Matthews

But Matthews didn’t waste time getting back to Bill.

“What are they hiding? Why is the president so determined to keep these
documents that have to do with their communications, Bill and Hillary’s communications
between each other hidden from people like you trying to report the history
here?” – Chris Matthews

This is so absurd it’s hard to know where to begin. Sally Bedell Smith’s book
on Jack and Jackie Kennedy, “Power and Grace,” unearthed revelations
four decades after their marriage ended. Look at Robert Dallek’s book on Kennedy,
“An Unfinished Life.” Presidents hoard their secrets and their documents.
You can be outraged at the lack of transparency, but acting like this is a new
thing is disingenuous at best.

What about Rudy’s serial marriages? Has Chris Matthews done one story on it,
let alone an entire show? I wonder if Chris Matthews will cover the latest scandal
hitting ‘Mr. 9/11′? That not only did Rudy not know anything about al Qaeda
or terrorism during his tenure as mayor, but he was going to hold back documents
until after 2008 to make sure we didn’t know about it either.

SHUSTER: And Wayne, really quickly, before we have to let you go, the testimony
was not supposed to be made public until after the ‘08 election. How
did that come about and was that a condition of mayor Giuliani‘s testimony
to begin with?

BARRETT: It wasn‘t just mayor Giuliani‘s testimony that
would be held until December, 2008. It was a wide variety of testimony that
related to the city‘s response. I have the testimony of virtually everyone
who testified regarding the city‘s response, and all of that was to
be withheld until after 2008‘s election.

COUNTDOWN, with Keith

Oh, but by all means let’s talk about the Clinton marriage again and
over and over.

Roger Simon of actually offered some sanity, stating the obvious about Bill Clinton.

“Why would she not have him as a full partner? What’s the down side
of that? … .. Was Bill Clinton bad for the U.S.? Did he plunge us into an
endless war for mistaken reasons? Or was he good for the United States? That’s
her pitch.” – Roger Simon

Matthews’ continual Clinton marriage coverage is obsessive. It’s pure Clinton Dearangement Syndrome. But it’s not just
about the politics with him. It’s also about Mathews’ ego. The Clintons have shut him out and he doesn’t like it.
Olbermann has interviewed Hillary twice, with Matthews becoming the step child
of MSNBC with no access whatsoever to the first viable female candidate running for president
in U.S. history. Matthews long ago let his personal vindictiveness shine through. In fact, he’s been after Bill since impeachment. You have to wonder what’s wrong with a man when he refuses to let go of a scandal almost ten years old, but the wife who was wronged has not only forgiven and moved on, but is positioning herself to be the first woman president. I think it’s time Chris put himself on the couch.

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