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Elizabeth Edwards Hits

Elizabeth Edwards Hits updated

In the media conference call earlier this week, Edwards’s people were asked
about the ad. They said they hadn’t seen it and Chris Kofinis went
out of his way to keep anyone from talking about it. At least that was my take.
Even as late as yesterday John Edwards continued to say that he’d not seen the
ad. Excuse me if I find that hard to believe, or maybe it’s strategic. If Edwards
keeps his head down he won’t have to comment on the add. Frankly, it’s too clever by half.

Well his wife certainly has seen the add and spoke out about it in, you guessed it, Iowa. should not have labeled Gen. David Petraeus “General Betray
Us” in a controversial newspaper ad, Elizabeth Edwards said in Des Moines

“Someone who’s spent their life in the military doesn’t
deserve ‘General Betray Us,’” said Edwards, wife of Democratic
presidential candidate John Edwards.

Elizabeth Edwards spoke in an interview after a Des Moines campaign appearance.
She noted that her father was a career naval officer, and she grew up on Navy
bases, so she said she respects military service. …

Edwards criticizes ad

And frankly, I’m tiring of this good cop – bad cop theater coming out of the Edwards camp. Why is Mrs. Edwards delivering all of the hard lines? It’s becoming unseemly.

And talk about a gift to the wingnuts. Why do some Democrats always cave when things
get tough? Mrs. Edwards couches it in terms of her military family. Well, I’ve
got military in my family (one deceased) and the one thing you never do is stab one of your own in the middle of a nasty fight, and if you’re looking at the media coverage on this lately it’s clear
we’re in one. The Edwards quote made it on Drudge. I’ll quote a reader over on Greg
Sargent’s post

Buddy wrote on September 14, 2007 6:46 PM:
E.Edwards did not have to comment on Move ON ad, by her stab in the back.
Democrats don’t seem to get it- they keep apologizing for gaffes made by others!
… ..


Barack Obama isn’t commenting either. Wonder if he’ll send Michelle out to
do it for him? Not a chance, though he’ll also not hit back hard.

Chris Dodd didn’t bend an inch, turning the subject back on Bush where it belongs.

Hillary Clinton? She stood tough, because whatever you may think or say about her, the woman knows how to fight. But is Clinton getting credit for it? No. Why? You figure it out. I’ll catch hell for even writing the truth of it.

Then there is this from Mrs. Edwards:

She said she generally supports grass-roots organizations like for giving average people a voice. “But I’m probably not going to agree with everything that any one group says.”

Excuse me, but could you be any more condescending? “Average people a voice”? As far as not agreeing, well, back at you, Elizabeth. I’ll stop now before I tip to tilt.

wrote a brave post about the brouhaha this week. Quoting one short sentence:

I’m sorry, John
, but you don’t help the right wing out. Ever.


On my show I stated that for me it was a question of whether the Democrats
in Congress would betray us all. I also stated that when people get sick of war and the dying the efforts to stop it can get serious and even ugly. I remember Vietnam and the anti-war protests very well. This ad is nothing compared to what went on back then.

The real issue of this whole fight is that the wingnuts
wanted to talk about the ad as long as possible. They wanted us to start fighting
about it in order to make it a bigger headline, drag it out so more people could
hear about it and see it. Fox “News” is hitting this every day. Giuliani
is in it too now, going after Clinton on it. O’Reilly’s bringing “Democratic
strategists” on to weigh in, coupling Kos and Huffington Post in and wrapping
it all up in one big anti-Democratic package for the president and the wingnuts. Now we’re into
the weekend and it was always going to be on the Sunday shows, but Mrs. Edwards just gave it new life.

Elizabeth Edwards obviously hoped to help John’s campaign and deliver a
Sister Souljah moment
to a powerful progressive group in front of the favorite
senator of Iowa who also agreed with her, not to mention the Iowa masses her
husband needs so much. She had all week to make a statement, so did her husband
(who claims he still hasn’t seen the ad), but they did it in Iowa at Harkin’s
big event. After all, without Iowa John Edwards is toast, so they threw and “average people” under the bus to get it done.

Whether you like or don’t like the ad, once it turned into a them
vs. us battle leading Democrats need to understand the game, toughen up and close ranks.
It’s political fighting 101. It’s also why Democrats always get beat at this

It’s clear the Edwardses’ plan was to divide and conquer for the Iowa primary. They also gave Republicans what they wanted. It was strictly amateur hour.

UPDATE: Jane writes a letter to Mrs. Edwards.

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