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Clinton in Sunday Talkfest

Speaking of Fox, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to make an appearance this weekend on Fox
“News” Sunday. But it’s not in a vacuum. Clinton will be on all of the Sunday shows, five in total.

A TVNewser tipster says Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a guest on all five (MTP, Face The Nation, This Week, Fox News Sunday and Late Edition) Sunday morning public affairs shows. Except for what’s on the breakfast table, that will be your O.J.-free zone.


This is quintessential campaign maneuvering and a roll out of Clinton that has been long in the making. She’s stayed off the Sunday shows while Biden has been a regular, and other candidates could only dream of this grand slam plus one. This weekend begins a Clinton campaign surge that will likely continue through the primaries. Her “Darth Vader” comment about Cheney proves she’s having some fun and quite relaxed about it all.

Clinton now goes on Fox on the hottest weekend since the fall kick off began. She’s prepared the base for it as much as anyone can. First Clinton votes against the last appropriation for the war. Later Wolfson kicks Bill O’Reilly around in favor of YearlyKos. Just yesterday Clinton voted against the Cornyn amendment. Coming right after the ad Capitol kerfuffle, no doubt all the shows will be loaded and ready. Talk about timing. No doubt the campaign is calculating that going on Fox at the same time as the other shows mitigates the obvious a bit. It also illustrates her independence and that she keeps her own counsel, whether progressives approve of Fox or not. We do not.

But Clinton’s not going on Fox to seduce Democrats, so there’s only one conclusion to draw. Has the general election already begun? Someone in camp Clinton thinks so.

But it does assure at least one woman on each show and one less thing I’ll have to bitch about.

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