via TPM

Except that Bush’s boy Brit is thinner. The video above on Al Qaeda is one
of the classic moments in obfuscation. Brit not only phones it in, but you get the feeling the White House is feeding him his lines through an ear piece. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Forget any pretense of journalism. Just give it up. Brit Hume and Fox “News”
have crossed over to the unequivocal (as if it weren’t before today) government
arm of the Bush administration. Yeah, yeah, they made that leap a long time
ago. But nothing comes even remotely close to what happened tonight in Brit’s
“A Briefing for America.” It even comes complete with swiftboating
“Freedom Watch” ads! Oh, boy.

“Would you say…” blah-blah-blah, that’s Brit. Putting words in
the general’s mouth to make sure Brit’s point comes across, coaxing the general along. Spoon feeding a military man really is beyond the pale even for these guys. That General Petraeus goes along makes it even worse. What’s happened to our top military brass? General Shinseki would never have been part of this, which is why the man was fired.

Mr. Hume makes Katie Couric channeling the Pentagon look ethical. Seriously, this is so
low I can’t come up with another trite analogy to fit. Not one single question
challenging the general, let alone questioning the cherry picked facts, which
were so obvious today. Nothing to prod the general on the one question that matters most: How close are we to Iraq being able to govern itself?, whatever that means.

Is this America or Pakistan? Listening to Brit feed the general his ideas about Al Qaeda, I seriously wonder if the corporate hack pack has forgotten that they’re one of the most critical arms to our republic.

Doesn’t Hume understand what’s at stake? That our military is refereeing a
civil war? Does he not care that selling out… Oh, never mind. Of course he doesn’t. He’s the media arm of the swiftboaters.

It’s unconscionable what Brit Hume offered up tonight
in the guise of “journalism.” No, it’s worse. It’s patently un-American. Brit Hume has finally, at long last passed over into the entertainment division. Cue Britney as back up. Brit Hume deserves half naked dancers with no talent. He has a lot in common with them.