VIDEO: Shuster on the Warner Warning

Freedom Watch
Frontman Ari Fleischer
isn’t going to like this. All that money about to
be spent targeting
Senator Warner
(among other Republicans) was met today by a swift swat from
the old Senate war horse.

Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican, said Thursday that a pullout was
needed to spur Iraqi leaders to action.

He has recommended that Bush announce the beginning of a U.S. withdrawal
in mid-September, after a report is released from the top U.S. officials in
Iraq, and that those troops should be back in the U.S. by Christmas.

"In my humble judgment, that would get everyone’s attention that is
not being paid at this time," said Warner. … ..

Sen. Warner:
Start bringing troops home by Christmas

A recommendation doesn’t mean a thing. If you recall, Warner has been very
vocal about the troubles in Iraq, while having no problem at all voting to prop
up Bush’s failed policies every chance he gets. But this is a clear signal to Bush that he’s in dangerous territory. Remember, Warner just came back from Iraq. Warner no doubt knew about the NIE just released today, so it’s clear he’s very worried about what’s happening on the ground in Iraq, because the new report paints a dire political reality. It also warns that it will take, you got it, another six to twelve months for any progress to show, without guarantees, let me add.

Then there’s the fact that Bush is really busy right now making speeches and…
undermining Maliki? Via
Spencer Ackerman

Republican lobbyists with close ties to the Bush administration are aiding
and supporting the efforts of an Iraqi opposition leader who is calling for
the ouster of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The anti-Maliki crusader is former Iraqi interim prime minister Ayad Allawi,
and the Washington firm retained to spearhead U.S.-focused efforts on his
behalf is the Republican powerhouse group of Barbour, Griffith, and Rogers
(BGR). …

Bush Iraq Envoy Helping Undermine Maliki

Oh, what tangled webs… yada-yada-yada.