VA-Sen: Warner to Retire?
by BooMan

It’s a simple truth that Democrats can’t get much done if they can’t convince at least 9 Republican senators to agree with what they intend to do. And that won’t change just because we suddenly have a Democratic president. We need 60 seats in the Senate or we’ll have to water down every initiative. Want single-payer health care? It’ll never happen without a Democratic president and a filibuster-proof Senate. It’s so unlikely in the current climate that the front-running Democrats aren’t even advocating it. I’m of two minds about that. I hate it when politicians grandstand by advocating policies which are popular among the base but will never happen in reality. But, I’m also a firm believer that you rarely get something you want if you don’t ask for it. In any case, Sen. John Warner is probably going to announce his retirement tomorrow in Richmond. And his seat will get us closer to sixty.

The key to victory is for Mark Warner to forego his ambition to be vice-president, and run for the seat. The Democrats will quickly unite behind Warner, while the Republicans will engage in an internecine bloddbath between Rep. Tom Davis and Fmr. Gov. Jim Gilmore.

Virginia is trending Democratic and this is a seat that we can take and hold. If you know of any other good candidates beyond Mark Warner, put ’em in the comments. Because, it’s unlikely that Warner will easily give up his ambition for the Vice-Presidency.