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They Don’t Call it Local for Nothin’

They Don’t Call it Local for Nothin’ **NO KEITH to LATE-LATE KEITH – updated below**

Countdown on tonight!

I know, I’m supposed to be on break, but this just fried me so I wanted to
share it.

What am I doing today? Watching Keith and watching football, of course, along with reading and general loafing. But
I wanted to make sure “Countdown” would be on. See, KTNV,
ABC local Las Vegas
, always moves around “This Week,” with George
Stephanopoulos, that is unless they choose not show it at all, which happens
often. Local ABC in Las Vegas didn’t even air the Democratic debate last week
until very late in the day. So, since I’m in town, I wanted to make sure “Countdown,”
which is having a special airing today before the football game, was going to
be carried on local NBC. Honestly, you never know in Las Vegas. The way ABC
jacks around “This Week,” I knew I couldn’t take it for granted that
local NBC would pick up “Countdown” either.

So when I cued up my cable, looking at what they had programmed, “Countdown”
wasn’t shown. Uh-oh. Did KVBC, local NBC, decide not to carry “Countdown”?
Again, you never know about local stations and what they consider “news.”

So I called KVBC,
the local NBC station’s “general information” number, which I got
the web
. A woman name Traci Arnold picked up the phone. I asked if she knew
whether “Countdown” would be shown today before the football game.
She curtly informed me that she was the assignment editor at the news desk.
Okay. So Traci, I said, can you give me a phone number I could call
to find out this information? Insert pregnant pause here. “No.” No?

That’s when Ms. Arnold went into her job description, making sure I knew she
was way too important to know something as basic as what KVBC had programmed.
“I’m the assignment editor for the news division.” Translation:
I don’t do programming. “I respect you don’t do programming and understand
what you do,” I offered. “You obviously don’t,” she
said tartly. Insert smile on my face here. Wasn’t going to get into that one.
So, Traci, you can’t give me a number where I can find out this information?
No one at NBC Las Vegas knows? The receptionist works Monday thru Friday,
and so does programming, so there’s no one to tell me that information, she

Never mind that I called the local NBC station’s “general information”
number, which they list as such on the web. It’s also the assignment/news desk
number, too. Never mind Ms. Arnold is answering the phone. Never mind “Countdown”
is a news(!) show and a pretty big deal to be airing on NBC today,
before the football game. Or that Ms. Arnold is the assignment editor for the
news division of KVBC.
Insert irony here.

Bottom line: the local
Las Vegas NBC station
could not give me any information whatsoever on what
they had programmed today, didn’t have a number I could call to find out, and the assignment editor for the news division didn’t even know the highest rated show on MSNBC, which is also a news(!) show, was airing on NBC today. Lisa Howfield,
KVBC’s general manager
, must be so proud.

Next call, Cox cable. After going through screen after screen trying to find
the answer, they finally located it. Cox Communications in Las Vegas has the best customer
service I’ve ever encountered (including high speech internet). Kudos to Cox. “Countdown” will indeed
be on the air in Las Vegas today. It took an hour to find out, but now I’m ready.
… is as ignorant as the local NBC-KVBC.
I’m also going back to my break.

As for KVBC
Las Vegas
, if they can’t even be bothered to know when a news(!)
show like “Countdown” is being given a special broadcast before Sunday
football, I’ve got to wonder what else these yahoos are missing.

As my husband said, they don’t call it local for nothin’.

I contacted the news desk and the person there did not care that Countdown was not being carried and stated the Steelers show was more important. I’m asking everyone to call 412-237-1100 and ask for the General Manager or email him at: There is no excuse for this but sadly that is the way it goes in Pittsburgh most of the time. – C&L reader, via John Amato of C&L

UPDATE V: FINALLY… Not as a lead in before the game… Way after the game, after local news, after “Dateline”…. FINALLY, Keith appears at 10:00 p.m. Finally. So as for being aired “after the game” out here in the west, as was reported, that’s an understatement. That would mean at 8:30 p.m., after the game. However, at least in Vegas, like what Greg from Reno said in the comments, it was as late as they could air it and giving him the smallest audience possible on a late Sunday night. Complaints are justified as far as I’m concerned.

Denver preempted half of “Countdown,” joining it in progress; WBAL in Baltimore did not air Countdown at all, according to another C&L reader. Appreciate all the comments and the info. I also appreciate the links to programming, but you can never wholly trust what they say will show up. Also, you had to hunt to find the time, at least in Las Vegas.

MORE: According to JR, KTSM in El Paso, TX aired it after the game. But at least Keith got the lead in of the game, which is something, but certainly isn’t what it was supposed to be. When you jack with airtimes like this it’s impossible to find the show and properly introduce it or start an audience build up. According to a reader at Huffington Post, “KHQ in Spokane WA snubbed him too.”

UPDATE IV: Logan over at C&L watched, evidently from Kansas, and it was good. Of course, but Keith being Keith is the reason some affiliates bailed on him.

UPDATE III: Preempted in Phillie too, but at least it’s due to ratings, which I totally get. In the city where I’m currently marooned, Las Vegas, we got “The Ed Bernstein Show” — a local snooze fest — and “The Chris Matthews Show,” not exactly award winning either.

UPDATE II: Another one:

KTVB in Boise, ID is doing the same thing as the Phoenix station. Local news (Happy,happy,happy talk…) instead of Keith Live. The Red State media outlets are alive and well!!!
Blue in ID | 08.26.2007 – 7:20 pm | #

UPDATE: Well, this tears it. No “Countdown.” No Keith. How many others are experiencing what readers Katymine and Jo-Ann write in the comment section? doesn’t even list anything for tonight before the 8PM Pregame Show. Countdown isn’t being promoted on the networks. Corporate dimentia at it’s most blatant. Hope the time slot is a bigger hit than the game.(optimist?) Thank goodness the blogs are doing the ad for Keith.
Jo-Ann | 08.26.2007 – 6:09 pm | #


Phoenix KPNX Channel 12 will have Countdown at 9pm MST after the football game, after Extra… Maybe we need to let them know how much you enjoyed Countdown.
katy;mine | 08.26.2007 – 6:47 pm | #

NBC affiliates need to understand that pre-empting Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” for local shows and re-runs of Chris Matthews will not be accepted. No wonder the big three networks don’t have any viewers anymore. Write Lisa Howfield, NBC’s excuse for a “general manager” in Las Vegas, and tell her what you think.

If you’ve got emails of other affiliates stiffing Keith Olbermann let me know and I’ll post them.

If your local station stiffed Keith (and us), let ‘em hear you.
–Then include the following in your emails to let MSNBC know we support “Countdown” and Keith!–
Dan Abrams, Dick Wolf, Countdown

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